Friday, April 13, 2018

Nephrology Board Exam M'sia

I somehow feel that my Nephrology journey is filled with exams, one after another. After my MRCP and USMLE, I did my SCE Neph exam (UK) in 2012 in preparation to enter the Singapore Renal Fellowship (Senior Residency) program. During the 3-year training, there is annual US in-training exam (ABIM exam in Nephro), and additionally at second year an ACGME-I Graduation Exam, and finally at end of third year there was a Singapore JCST Board Exit Exam as completion of training and for Specialist Board Accreditation.

As now I have returned to home country for family, I was required to obtain the certificate of M'sian Nephro Board Exam, and I'm glad to share that I have successfully completed it.

Pursuing Nephrology has been my dream and passion. Having been exposed to different examination format (UK/ Singapore/ US/ M'sia), I would like to share on a series of Nephrology topics and hope these help if you're also preparing for any Nephro exams:

Nephrology Foundation

Nephrology Guidelines

Nephrology Updates 2017

Nephrology Resources

And many more to come!


Raj said...

Well deserved Darren - there were never any doubts. I'm sure you're getting more enriched every time after exam, and you're a dual accredited nephrologist now, congratulations!

Darrenmagic said...

Thanks Raj!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dr Darren and I look forward to the Nephro series~!
I'm from India

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