Sunday, April 29, 2018

Grit: In Medicine

I looked back and realized about my this article written in 2008 which was published in the UCSI School of Medicine newsletter. It is now 10 years after it and I feel that my view on housemanship has somewhat changed. It was partly written in another post on evaluation system on housemen.

Housemanship is undeniably a hardship period, but it is not really over after you completed it. You have a growing medicolegal responsibility when you advance further, along with many other sources of stress and requirements (e.g. finding time to prepare for exams during busy work, locuming for extra income to pay for exam fees, family commitment etc.), the hardship is in fact never-ending. You work extra-hard during HOship in order to be a competent MO, just as same when you work extra-hard during MOship to train to be a Specialist, and subsequently to a Subspecialist.

To be able to keep this journey going, I think the key element needed is grit. Modified from Angela Lee Duckworth's famous quote, I'd say that, "Grit is surviving journey of medicine like it's a marathon, not a sprint." It's true - you need the power of passion and perseverance at all levels, not just the HOship!

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