Monday, April 09, 2012

SCE in Nephrology

Sat for Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in Nephrology of RCP (UK), or unofficially regarded as "MRCP Part 4 exam" last month - to be honest it was a tough one, as expected. Exam was very clinical based, and lots of renal biopsy images which are testing the histology knowledge. The details of the exam can be found on RCP website - it's essentially an exam for UK trainees during their penultimate year of subspecialty training, but it's open for oversea candidates as well.

I had an unusual experience I must say. During the day of exam, to my biggest surprise - the test center has encountered technical problem - which it never happened before, and the test has to be delayed to 7.30pm. The test took total of 7 hours - which means, yes, it finished after 2am! That was really my first time ever sitting for an exam across the midnight! And what's more, I had to be on-call the next day!

Anyhow, the crazy experience and weeks of anxiety were over. I have just got the result few days back and I'm glad that I made it. Besides the family support, I'm deeply grateful for the daily registrar teaching by the department - it really helps substantially in my preparation.

So it's time to have a bit of rest now, and perhaps a little celebration. ;)

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