Monday, April 09, 2012

SCE in Nephrology

Sat for Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in Nephrology of RCP (UK), or unofficially regarded as "MRCP Part 4 exam" last month - to be honest it was a tough one, as expected. Exam was very clinical based, and lots of renal biopsy images which are testing the histology knowledge. The details of the exam can be found on RCP website - it's essentially an exam for UK trainees during their penultimate year of subspecialty training, but it's open for oversea candidates as well.

I had an unusual experience I must say. During the day of exam, to my biggest surprise - the test center has encountered technical problem - which it never happened before, and the test has to be delayed to 7.30pm. The test took total of 7 hours - which means, yes, it finished after 2am! That was really my first time ever sitting for an exam across the midnight! And what's more, I had to be on-call the next day!

Anyhow, the crazy experience and weeks of anxiety were over. I have just got the result few days back and I'm glad that I made it. Besides the family support, I'm deeply grateful for the daily registrar teaching by the department - it really helps substantially in my preparation.

So it's time to have a bit of rest now, and perhaps a little celebration. ;)


Chong CK said...

Congratulations Dr Darren, thought you just joined Nephrology? What an impressive achievement!

Thanks for the inspiration :-)

eelainee said...


Darren Lee said...

Chong & Elaine,

Thanks!! ;)

Anonymous said...

i stand in awe of u..cheers.

Anonymous said...


Nephrology@15 said...

Hi Darren,
Congratulation on clearing SCE Nephrology. You efforts paid. Now you can put MRCP(Nephrology) as suffix, right?

Darren, I am a little confused. I am an Indian graduate with no "formal" training in medicine or nephrology. But, I have a working experience of 4 years in Nephrology. Now, what should I take up first, MRCP or MRCP-Nephrology? Or should I just take MRCP-Nephrology and forget about MRCP?
Kindly guide.

Darren Lee said...

Thanks. I think the answer is a little complex. Please give me your email address so that I can email you my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

yes yes

Darren Lee said...

Hi I haven't received any email from you. Please email or give me your email address here. Cya

LIMCK said...

Hi Darren,
I'm a junior doctor currently preparing for MRCP part 2 written exam... Any recommended books/website or other source of material? Kindly enlighten me.. Thanx

Darren Lee said...

Ok I'll see whether I can write a short post in a while.

Darren Lee said...

Shadi: Hi ya I've emailed you. All the best!

Dr.Nectar said...

Congrads Dr. Darren on you success with the Nephrology SCE Exam. Can you kindly let me know how you prepared for the exam. My email is

Darren Lee said...

Thanks Nectar. I've emailed you. Good luck!

samy salem said...

Hi Dr:Darren
Congratulations in passing SCE and all the best in your medical life ,soory same request asked by Dr:Shadi Mahmoud regarding any sites,MCQs Banks,Special books......
I know it is late rquest as i am planning to enter the SCE Exam within the next 3 months,are they enough to review the whole topic in nephrology?
i am Dr:Ibrahim Salem
Thanks alot

samy salem said...

Congrats Dr:Darren
All the best,just i need some help regarding the any additional MCQs banks,sites,books regarding SCE in Nephrology as it is too hard to get any in my country and also i am planning to join the next exam in march 2013 Is it enough period to help in passing the exam,i am working in the field more than 12 years.

Darren Lee said...

Dear Samy, I've emailed you. Good luck!

farhan said...

Hi Darren.My name is Farhan and i finished my mrcp part 2 written have to sit for paces in coming september.I want to give mrcp nephrology need ur guidance and to ask u tht this exam has got any weightage in world.I will be very thankful if u will reply on this email waiting for ur reply.

Anonymous said...

hi dr darren..

please tell me how should i prepare for SCE nephrology.. thanks

muhammad shaikh


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.
CONGRATS for clearing such a difficult exam .
Hope your way of inspiration n help r really appreciated for people like me .I had already tasted this SCE Neph but no chance.
Kindly need your guidance please for preparation for SCE Nephro. Any online MCQS , references, online courses etc.
My email

shen yang said...

hi dr darren,

please to know you have succeeded and scored well )
I am also striving but failed twice miserably
need your guidance and advice

lim SY


shen yang said...

hi i cant clear twice the sce nephrology. can i hv your valuable advice. thanks million times

Roofbreaker said...

Just read your post. Hope you are having a magical nephrology practice. Can you please help me with preparation for SCE in nephrology? Need info about books, sites and any other helpful resource. I am an overseas doctor with training in nephrology.
Thanks in advance

Darrenmagic said...

Dear shaikh, anonymous, Shen Yang and Radhika,

I've emailed to you all. Hope the advice will help. All the very best!

Mohammed Hussein said...

please i want yr help regarding the source and question bank for sce nephro my mail

Anonymous said...

Please need your help regarding resources and planning to pass SCE nephrology

Darrenmagic said...

Dear Mohammed and Suhailsa,

I've emailed you. Hope it helps thanks

asmarino said...

Congeratulation sir , can you please help me with material to pass the upcoming exam
My email is

With my regards

asmarino said...

Please i need the materials to pass the next exam


My email

dremad hassan said...

Congratulation doctor I need your help as regards sources for MCQ FOR N ephrology MRCP.
Email. Dr.emad1@hot

Bhupeshkaware said...

doctor I need your help for MCQ for nephrology SCE


1:38 AM

Tamer ElSalamony said...

Hi dr dareen ,
I want to sit for the exam next year,plesse help me
What should i do ,what is the sources

My email

Tamer ElSalamony said...

Hi dr dareen
I want your help regarding sce exam
What should i do
What is the sources???

prasanna said...

Dear Darren ,
congratultaions on passing mrcp nephro
i need ur guidance
have done my mrcp 2 preparing paces wants to give MRCP nephro

since i amd in uae and no training will it be beneficial to do it

pls help me with exam prepeartion

prasanna s

Darrenmagic said...

Asmarino, Emad, Bhupesh,Tamer: I've emailed you. All the best!

Prasanna - can leave your email thanks!

dr rana said...

congratulation dear Darren. i am dr zahid hafeez. could you plz guide me abt prepartion and if you have any MCQs or helping material plz email me on

i would wait for your reply

Bishnu Pahari said...

Dear Dr
Congratulation for your sucess.
Pls can you help me for resources to prepare for it motly MCQ.
Waiting for your reply on email
Thanking you
Dr Bishnu Pahari

Unknown said...

Congratulations Dr. Darren. I would really be glad if you mail me the way you prepared for your speciality exam. My email id is
Thank you,
Dr. Omar

Anonymous said...

congratulations Dr Darren I need your urgent help
my email
please send me all what I need for passing this exam im totally confused
dr yazeed

Dr. Mohamed Nowrooz said...

dear dr Darren I need a resourse or bank for sce nephrology and this is my email

Rakesh said...

Congrats Dr Darren. I am planning to give my MRCP SC in nephrology. Could you please e mail me your materials and how you went about it. I will be grateful, thank you

Rakes Madhyastha said...


Congratualtions on passing this difficult exam.

Please help me with the notes or materials that you may have

Anonymous said...

Darren please tell me what the benefit of doing SCE Nephrology when one does not have MRCP (but having other postgraduate qualification like university diploma or masters in medicine).
secondly guide me about how to prepare for SCE Nephrology. I am currently working in nephrology.

Shena Dar

Anonymous said...

Hi congratulations of passing the exam.

Could you please guide me regarding preparation, where from to study and how to study. Many thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Darren .I'm a nephrologist working in india can u pls tell me if I should take mrcp medicine before SCE neph? And if I clear SCE what degree will I get. Very happy to see you helping so many people!

sarah yoon ai said...

Hi Darren, I was wondering if you could email me tips on how to pass the nephrology SCE? Thank you! My email is

Darrenmagic said...

Hi Zahid, Bishnu, Omar, Yazeed, Mohamed, Rakesh,Shena, Pramod, Sarah - I've emailed you, all the best!

Gurinder Kumar said...

Hi Darren, I was wondering if you could email me tips on how to pass the nephrology SCE? Thank you! My email is
secondly is there any course in UK to help prepare for exam.

Gurinder Kumar said...

Hi Darren, I was wondering if you could email me tips on how to pass the nephrology SCE? Thank you! My email is

Anonymous said...

Hi would you mind to share the tips to pass sce nephrology? My email
Thanm you

Ron said...

Hi Dr Darren. I am planning to do SCE Nephrology next year. Would you please help me with advice. What to read and how to read etc. Thanks. Rony.

dr ozkan said...

Congratulations Dr. Darren. I would really be glad if you mail me the way you prepared for your speciality exam. My email id is

muhammad Shoaib said...

Could anyone kindly tell me whats the best resource to prepare for Nephrology SCE ? I am in Australia and have done the exams here. SCE nephrology might help me get into advanced training in renal, I hope.

abhishek shetty said...

Hi Doctor..this is Abhishek Shetty..I wanted to know what books did you prepare from and where did you practise questions for the SCE Nephrology exam..I plan to take the exam next year..can you please help me?
My email id is

Darrenmagic said...

Dear all,

Thank you for your enquiries for the exam. My reference is actually according to the recommendation on MRCP website

which are as below:

Suggested sources and reading are listed below:

•American Journal of Kidney Diseases
•Clinical Nephrology
•Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (and sister clinical journal)
•Kidney International
•Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation
•Transplant International

•American Journal of Kidney Disease – publishes the US core curriculum in nephrology which gives detailed notes across the entire renal curriculum
•Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology (Eds Feehally, Floege, Johnson)
•Handbook of Kidney Transplantation (Eds Danovitch et al)
•Oxford Handbook of Dialysis (Eds Levy et al)
•Oxford Textbook of Nephrology (Eds Davison et al)

•Edinburgh Renal Unit
•European Renal Association
•Hypertension, Dialysis, Clinical Nephrology
•Nephrology discussion group
•The Nephron Information Center
•UK Renal Association
•UK Renal Registry

The reading materials are comprehensive and there are actually a set of sample questions provided by RCP in the same page which you can actually try on.
Overall I feel it is a difficult exam, and questions are testing on up-to-date knowledge, so I would recommend to also study current Nephrology guidelines by KDIGO and KDOQI before attempting this exam, and in terms of textbook you should go for "Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology" 5th Edition for good understanding of core topics.

I also apologize for my delayed replies to some of you, hope you will excel in the exam and I wish you all the best!

Best regards,

Unknown said...

please i want yr help regarding the source and question bank for sce nephro my mail
Thankyou very much

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren,
Congratulation on clearing SCE Nephrology.

Darren, I am a little confused. I am a Medical graduate with "formal" training in medicine. But, I have no working experience in nephrology. what should I take up first, MRCP or MRCP-Nephrology? Or should I just take MRCP-Nephrology and forget about MRCP?
Kindly guide.
My email.
Thnx in advance. (*_*)

Darrenmagic said...

Dear Ksajjad,

Thank you for your enquiry. MRCP Nephrology is a subspecialty after obtaining MRCP, which is a postgrad examination for Internal Medicine. I'd suggest you get more details from the official website
Good luck and all the best!

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