Sunday, June 03, 2012

David Copperfield's Live Performance

Back from my US trip a week ago. One of the biggest highlights is of course, to have watched David Copperfield's live performance, in Hollywood theatre in MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Happy to purchase his book and autographed picture.

Being the biggest fan, I was deeply thrilled by the show. Masterful performance, his captivating charms, mind-blowing illusions - the whole experience is literally, Magical. I was like back to a small kid again. I still remember that how I felt when I watched him on TV in those days, and how I wished to see him in person, I'm glad that my dream has come true.

If you like magic, do not miss the chance to see him performing while he still does. DC, the magician of the century.


Jeanette said...

Finally! ;)

Darren Lee said...

Yes Jeanette!\^^/

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