Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Magic Dream Came True

 At last, I have completed the Magic Academy studies and passed the multi-step exams (Trust me, magic exams can be equally tough too!) - and was conferred Doctor of Magic degree certificate. I'm truly glad that my many months of effort did come to a fruitful conclusion, and the completion of this course has been one of the things that I always wanted to do.

Just some background about IMS (International Magicians Society), it is the world's largest magic society as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Based in New York, the IMS began in 1968 and now has over 37,000 members worldwide. It was created to help promote and preserve the art of magic.

The renowned Magic Academy of IMS offers four major courses starting from Pro Magician, Bachelor of Magic, Master of Magic and finally Doctor of Magic degree. The courses cover many aspects of the art of magic, making sure that candidates will have an excellent exposure to a wide variety of magic skills.

I must say that the joy of receiving this recognition is just as great as my MBBS moment. My dream has finally come true - being a doc of Medicine & Magic! ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ECFMG Certification

Finally, I'm glad to share that I've passed my USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS), and met the requirements to be ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)-certified. Many people/ readers have asked me before why I did not complete this earlier. If you do remember, I sat for my first Step almost 6 years ago, during my 4th year in med school. I then took the Step 2 CK in '06 just before starting housemanship. My very initial plan is to go for US Residency upon completing my internship in M'sia.

The plan was kind of deferred as I then decided to complete my compulsory service first, and in the meantime to study for MRCP (UK). I consider myself lucky that I passed my Part I & IIa smoothly, and I think I have to partly attribute this to my previous preparation for USMLE. To me, it is a very well-designed exam and I learned so much by just preparing for it.

Upon completing MRCP, after much consideration I've decided to pursue further training in Nephrology and came to where I am now. Knowing that if I do not sit for the USMLE 3rd part within 7 years (which is 2012 - this year!), my previous efforts will be wasted and this will remain an incomplete dream. But the timing of exam, mid May, is challenging as it means that I would only have about 6 weeks to prepare, after my SCE Nephro exam in March. Frankly, I did encounter difficulty as it was quite a painful process to revise from the very beginning. But of course, PACES experience did help substantially, but my memory of orthopedic examination was kind of vague already. ;)

Step 2 CS consists of 12 clinical encounters, each with 15 minutes for seeing the patients, and 10 minutes for patient's note writing. The whole session lasts approximately EIGHT hours (enough time to cause brain injury). It tests the candidate on 3 major components: Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS), and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP). It is necessary to pass all components in order to obtain an overall pass. I took the exam in Los Angeles, and continued my trip travelling around Western US.

Now I'm glad that it's over - a huge relief indeed. An exam spanning over almost 7 years - it's done! Time for just another celebration! ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shin Lim's Tribute to Monarchs Cards

This is a tribute vid to Monarchs playing cards by Shin Lim, champion of card magic in FISM 2011. For those who are not familiar, FISM is one of the most respected organizations in magic community, hosting magic championship once every 3 years which magicians compete for the highest honour.

You can see his extraordinary sleight of hand in the vid - and has definitely brought colour change to a new higher level. Eight consecutive changes - you've got to witness it!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

David Copperfield's Live Performance

Back from my US trip a week ago. One of the biggest highlights is of course, to have watched David Copperfield's live performance, in Hollywood theatre in MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Happy to purchase his book and autographed picture.

Being the biggest fan, I was deeply thrilled by the show. Masterful performance, his captivating charms, mind-blowing illusions - the whole experience is literally, Magical. I was like back to a small kid again. I still remember that how I felt when I watched him on TV in those days, and how I wished to see him in person, I'm glad that my dream has come true.

If you like magic, do not miss the chance to see him performing while he still does. DC, the magician of the century.

Monday, April 09, 2012

SCE in Nephrology

Sat for Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in Nephrology of RCP (UK), or unofficially regarded as "MRCP Part 4 exam" last month - to be honest it was a tough one, as expected. Exam was very clinical based, and lots of renal biopsy images which are testing the histology knowledge. The details of the exam can be found on RCP website - it's essentially an exam for UK trainees during their penultimate year of subspecialty training, but it's open for oversea candidates as well.

I had an unusual experience I must say. During the day of exam, to my biggest surprise - the test center has encountered technical problem - which it never happened before, and the test has to be delayed to 7.30pm. The test took total of 7 hours - which means, yes, it finished after 2am! That was really my first time ever sitting for an exam across the midnight! And what's more, I had to be on-call the next day!

Anyhow, the crazy experience and weeks of anxiety were over. I have just got the result few days back and I'm glad that I made it. Besides the family support, I'm deeply grateful for the daily registrar teaching by the department - it really helps substantially in my preparation.

So it's time to have a bit of rest now, and perhaps a little celebration. ;)

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