Friday, October 24, 2008

Project Magic - Therapeutic Magic

David Copperfield, the greatest man in the magic history. I look up to him not only because of his astounding achievement in magic, but he has such a great mind to develop the use of magic in a therapeutic way, which is what I'm going to share about today.

"Project Magic" is a program designed by David Copperfield, to give the gift of magic to people with various physical, psycho-social and developmental disabilities. It is beneficial to those with a variety of diagnoses, such as arthritis, spinal cord injury, brain injury, drug and alcohol abuse and learning disabilities.

Project Magic assists individuals to achieve new skill levels and also the achievement-orientated behaviour, which is necessary for the disabled individuals to successfully re-enter the outside community. Combining the talents of professionals in the entertainment field and those in medical field, it provides a quality of therapeutic training far in advance of traditional rehabilitative programs and techniques.

"Project Magic" is used in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide. It achieved not only physical success, but showed remarkable improvements in patients' cognitive function, speech, self-esteem and social skills.

"Learning magic can help them to learn a variety of skills," says Copperfield. "It's fun and challenging."

Pics from daylife

"To date, through Project Magic, David has spiritually and physically enriched multitudes of patients across the globe over the 25 years. He has enabled them to break out of the poverty of imagination, and to enter the world of dreams."

How inspiring. I've long been captivated by this thought that, magic combined with medicine, and how it can do good to the patients. Copperfield has really made a giant step beyond "magic as entertainment" to a whole new realm of "magic as a form of therapy" which truly works.

I'm wondering, what about "Project Magic" in M'sia? Mission possible or otherwise?;)
I have some thoughts and would like to see what you all think about it. Feel free to put in your thoughts!;)


rainbow angeles said...

nothing is impossible!
all the best ;-)

YingYang@QS said...

OR RATHER... Impossible is Nothing. =) Heh. Adidas much. But seriously. The wants of a human heart can make a human do infinite stuff.

confessions of a medical student said...

i remembered during my primary school days, my class teacher asked us to make a card on our hero, and i make a card of David Copperfield (with hearts shapes on top some more, haha, silly me!) ... he was my childhood hero! i watched almost all of his performance!! my dad, he taped all his performance in TV back then... and i would spend my time, watching it repeatedly..

the thing is, David Copperfield, he not only make magic seemed real, and well, magical... he has a great sense of humour.. and he makes his performance interesting,.. and most of all, through his magic, one would find hope, faith and love..

he has bring smiles to many unfortunate kids, and encouraged patients to learn magic and cope with their disability..

p/s: Project Magic in Malaysia?? well, someone has to take the first step..

JunJun-Riko said...

Well, no matter how undeniably incredible David Copperfield is, Darren will still always be my heart's best magician. ^^

Darren Lee said...

rainbow & yingyang: Thanks! Ya "nothing's impossible" is truly the spirit of magic!=)

shinyin: Oh I didn't know you like copperfield so much *high 5* hehe..ya i collected all his videos too. Too bad his magic tour last year was cancelled..if not i'd have the chance to watch him live..

JJ: Thanks dear! *hugs*^^

joan said...

Prjoect Magic ah? already picturing Darren as part of the important executive in it. Darren, y not work for it? like she said, s/one has to take the first step :D

Darren Lee said...

JoAn: Ya..should make it possible in M'sia..will start to plan..=)

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