Friday, October 10, 2008

Magic Medicine Formula (2) we come to the 2nd part. Well, MRCP really likes to ask about genetic diseases and mode of inheritance. It'll be a waste if you do not master this part, but to memorize all that is obviously not an easy task.

A general rule is, Autosomal dominant conditions are mostly with "structural/ phenotypical" abnormalities; whereas autosomal recessive conditions are with "metabolic" disorders.

A list of major genetic diseases with which genes they are linked to:

Chromosome 1: Gaucher disease
Ch 2: Gilbert's syndrome
Ch 3: Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome
Ch 4: Huntington's, adult polycystic kidney disease (APKD 1)
Ch 5: Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP)
Ch 6: Hemochromatosis
Ch 7: Cystic Fibrosis
Ch 8: Hereditary spherocytosis
Ch 10: MEN II
Ch 11: MEN I
Ch 12: Von Willebrand's disease
Ch 13: Wilson disease
Ch 14: HOCM
Ch 15: Marfan's syndrome
Ch 16: APKD 2
Ch 17: Neurofibromatosis Type I (von Recklinghausen's disease)
Ch 21: Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome (APS) Type I
Ch 22: Neurofibromatosis Type II

Long and boring list? Any simplifying method? Ok here we go:

"Von Hippel-Lindau" = 3 words = Ch 3
"Huntington" = "Hunt 4 food" = Ch 4
"FAP" = "polyp has 5 alphabets" = Ch 5
"Hemochromatosis" = "HemochromatoSIX" = Ch 6
"Cystic Fibrosis" = "Think F is a mirror image of 7" = Ch 7
"Spherocytosis" = "Think 8 has double spheroids" = Ch 8
"Wilson" = "WIlson looks like 13 if you rotate the W a bit?" = Ch 13
"Marfan" = "Marfan's syndrome has 15 alphabets" = Ch 15
"APKD" = "APKD has 4 alphabets, polycystic kidney has 16 alphabets" = Ch 4 & 16!
"Neurofibromatosis Type I" = "von Recklinghausen has exactly 17 alphabets!" = Ch 17
"Neurofibromatosis Type II" = "Type 2 = 22" = Ch 22

Easier? After I found these linking methods, I think I'm just not gonna forget them for life!

Hope it helps!=)
And in the next post, I'll share about how I remember bacteria family!

Magic Medicine Formula (1)


Zzzyun said...

woah this is a good post! sure will help me.. i'll write it down somewhere later hehe..

and i'm looking forward to ur next post abt bacteria wan..coz i'm always having problems with microbiology. it's one of my worse topics! =/

ps: ei recently u like very free to blog wan? but good lah, can help us juniors :D i really appreciate it!

Darren Lee said...

zzzyun: Sure free la after exam=p nola actually i thought of doing this for long..just that only wanna do it after exam prove the "efficiency" of the formula ma hehheeh lolz

Anonymous said...

so ngam their names are the numbers.. very efficient! waiting for no.3!

Shyang said...

i tink this is cool, we had a lot of mnemonic s well, once get a good one like this, u jus wont forget it for life

liang said...

Hey great post! Your blog is really interesting! i'm 5th year student from usm Llove your mnemonics post! do share more hehe

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