Monday, October 13, 2008

Magic Medicine Formula (3)

3rd part: Time for microbiology!
Always confused by various types of bacteria & viruses? Well, not anymore!=)

You only need some codes..

Gram Positive cocci - SSE
S - Staphylococci
S - Streptococci
E - Enterococci

Gram Negative cocci - MN
M - Moraxella
N - Neisseria (N.meningitidis & N.gonorrhea)

Gram Positive baccilli (rods) - ABCD.LN
A - Actinomyces
B - Bacillus anthracis
C - Clostridium group
D - Corynebacterium diphtheriae
L - Listeria
N - Nocardia

Obligate intracellular bacteria - R.CML
R - Rickettsia
C - Chlamydia & Coxiella
M - Mycoplasma pneumoniae
L - Legionella pneumophilia

Spirochaetes - BTL
B - Borrelia
T - Treponema
L - Leptospira

And the rest are (very much mostly) Gram Negative bacilli!

And trust me, with these simple codes, you're just gonna tell the types of bacteria almost instantly!=)

As for the viruses, a few rules can help:

1. DNA-containing viruses are the HHAPPP(Y) viruses (Herpes, Hepadna, Adeno, Papova, Pox, Parvo); and the rest are RNA-containing viruses.

2. All DNA viruses are double-stranded except Parvoviruses.
3. All RNA viruses are single-stranded except reovirus.

Again, hope it helps!
Ok my dear friends, I've shared with you my (season 1) magic medicine studying tips;)

Hopefully I'll come up with more in the near future, and most importantly, pls let me know if they really help in your study and I'll be glad to hear it!=)


Zzzyun said...

this post is helpful coz u have classified all the diff bacteria into groups - smtg wic i failed to do earlier. shld have tot of it..blek!

but it'd be better if there are mneumonics accompanying each grp la - but i know not easy to make funny ones..

imho, the one for genetic diseases one easier to rmb?

but thanks for taking the time to write all these tips down. i'd already copied them down into my notes! =)

Darren Lee said...

zzzyun: Oh ok i think i need to explain a bit regarding this. These are what I call "codes" rather than "mnemonics"..bcoz they are too short! Get what i mean? Like "SSE" and "MN" are just too short and you dun even need a mnemonic and they'll jsut stick to your memory.

Actually the best part i like about this is, "the rest are G-ve bacillus!" which you know including how many bacteria species?=) so with this memorizing method, you can quickly get to the group=)

In short, the 3 formulas that i shared are actually "principles":
Formula 1 - Mnemonics
Formula 2 - Create relations
Formula 3 - Group & codes

Make sense?^^

mich said...

got magic law formula boh??
i wan that one ler..
meds punya i tak ngam la..
siggghhhh....*UUEEEKK* vomit blood

Anonymous said...

useful! don't stop.. i'm sucking power from u

Zzzyun said...

ok i get what u mean.. thanks for explaining. =)

but u know what's the ultimate disaster with mneumonics/codes?

remembering the codes/mneumonics but forgetting/confusing what they stand for!! LOL.

but not withstanding the face, having codes/mneumonics are better than none terima kasih for sharing! ^^

Anonymous said...

thanks, gonna use it

-a pharmie passer by

doreen said...

Thank You SO MUCH!!!!!
Going in for EOS soon >.<
p/s: hope you still remember what EOS stands for!!


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