Sunday, December 10, 2017

Virtuoso & Shin Lim's New Release

The new vid from Virtuoso is always highly anticipated. RISE feat. the FW17 Virtuoso deck was released on 8th Dec - again showcased their awesome cardistry skills and very artistic cinematography. Paul Wilson has commented that this is a "Lovely, visual feast of cardistry and wonderful in every way". Can't agree more!

Just a throwback on Virtuoso's style 10 years ago in 2007 in their award-winning act - if you miss the more "energetic" side of them :)

8th Dec is also an exciting day that Shin Lim released his V3 of "52 Shades of Red". It was viewed as "insane and unreal" by many peer magicians - watch it and you'll know what it means.

If you need more intro about Shin Lim, this FISM champion is one of the current best sleight-of-hand artists. Watch his EPIC return to Penn & Teller episode here - you will not believe your eyes on what he could do with card magic.

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