Friday, December 15, 2017

Studying Nephrology - The Guidelines

Continuing from the previous post on "The Foundation", this post is about important Nephrology guidelines that are useful to guide clinical management based on current best available evidence. Note that guidelines are being updated from time to time, do watch out these sites for the latest updates if need to.

From the intro, "KDIGO is the global nonprofit organization developing and implementing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in kidney disease." The guidelines are extremely relevant and useful, the list is as follow:
Upcoming - Hepatitis C in CKD (2018)

KDOQI guidelines are produced by NKF and published in AJKD (NKF's premier journal). Selected guidelines include:

ISPD aims to advance the knowledge of PD and to promote through scientific publications. Selected guidelines include:
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Guidelines in Adult PD (Part I and Part II) 2016
The Renal Association endorses many guidelines for renal-related disease and treatments. You can visit the full list on the site, and there are several updated guidelines this year include the use of RAAS blockade in diabetes/ Nephropathy and/or CKD (2017).

KHA-CARI guidelines were developed for use in Australia and NZ. One of the very useful guidelines is on ADPKD management (2015) - covering the whole approach from imaging/ genetic diagnosis to management of the disease and associated complications.
For some of the important rheumatology-related renal diseases management, the useful reference sites include American College of Rheumatology and EULAR, especially on topics such as SLE, gout, ANCA vasculitis etc.
The list is non-exhaustive and I leave the rest for you to explore. Enjoy reading!

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I've been looking for this. What a brilliant summary, thank you Dr Darren!

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