Sunday, November 03, 2013

The UpToDate Story

It's all started from an idea, and it's now one of the most widely used evidence-based resources among medical world.

I'm sharing this because I'm inspired.

The key message is to teach. Learning in medical world is never individual, it has to be through knowledge sharing and teaching.

We are who we are today because we are fortunate to have our great mentors who guide us along the journey. From zero, they grow and shape our knowledge, personality and values, directly or indirectly, leading us in fields of clinical medicine, education or research. And this is also our responsibility - to keep it sustained and to teach and guide the subsequent generations.


Yee said...

i absolutely love uptodate. Didnt know its existence as a student. Ever since i started working, this is like my best companion!!

Ben Ng said...

UpToDate is like my mentor in my clinical work life.

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