Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Thoughts on Magic

           Magic, an art that brings wonders, mysteries and astonishment. I was so fortunate to come across the opportunity to learn this art some years ago, and it has been one of my biggest passion ever since then. I learn it with the sheer interest that for all the time I had been so amazed by the concept, delicate arrangement, wisdom and skills involved in this mysterious art. Since I was a child, magic has always been a fanciful art to me, an art that is so unique and enthralling, and piques my interest and curiosity to search for its deeper meaning, and the secrets behind its mystical façade. Along the way of learning, the knowledge that I gained has really opened my mind to a new realm of imagination. The more I touch this art, the more I get impressed and fascinated by it. Magic undeniably comprises broad, profound and wonderful knowledge.

          Allow me to explain more about magic. JC Sum, a world-class Singaporean Magician defines magic as, "An enchanting and entertaining experience which stirs up feelings of amazement, wonder, awe and the feeling of experiencing the impossible." I couldn’t agree less. Magic is not merely a performing art and entertainment. It is an art comprised by human’s utmost imagination, creativity, psychology and the most important element, a belief that nothing is impossible or beyond hope. It exudes unbridled possibilities, like flying, walking through a wall, making something disappear and reappear…there are myriad of instances. All the audiences are returned to a place of wonder where anything is possible. David Copperfield says, “At this age when the media bombards us with information about everything and everyone, we need some mystery. We want to be relieved every once in a while of the burden of knowing.” Magic brings an intangible feeling, a complex of irreplaceable amazement, awe, unrealistic, and inexplicable wonder. That is the magic of, magic.

         In the next few posts I'll share some of my favourite magicians and some interesting facts bout magic. Here I'll end with quote from Copperfield, "Magic has no limits, never consider anything impossible." That's truly the spirit of magic!

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