Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interesting Imaging

A young girl presented with increasing abdominal distension with pain, septic-looking and she's lethargic to give further history. US abdomen showed some "suspicious shadows" and she's proceeded with urgent CT abdomen.

What do you think is the diagnosis?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Sarawak Handbook!

Just received my copy of new edition of Sarawak Handbook of Medical Emergencies today, freshly posted by Dr Soo from Kuching. The feeling is just great! I remember that I purchased the last edition in '06 when I was just about to start my Housemanship - and it has been a great and practical companion not only for my HOship, but throughout the period as a medical officer in Medical department! And I'm sure many other MOs will agree with me that this is an indispensable "survival book" for the on-calls.

Thanks to Dr Lim TT's help, I have the chance to get this new edition early, and it's exciting to see that there are new chapters added, and others being revised and updated. Thanks to the good work of Dr Soo with his co-authors! ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need a Change

I'm not sure whether any of you read the news - a sad news actually. Everyone in the department has a depressed mood after reading it.

Everyone works hard...but the outcome of this is really unexpected, and all our effort are pretty much wasted.

I remember I wrote a post "Morning 'Live Show'" few months ago, the message is "to respect others". No matter you are a HO, MO, specialist or even consultant, the respect to patients, team members, working colleagues etc - should always be there.

I believe many people will agree with me that, in the practice of modern medicine nowadays, the doctor-patient relationship is no longer the "I say, you only listen" type. Mutual communication and understanding plays a very important role, no doubt.

And the article also mentioned about "emotional quality" - which is very true, and like what I said before, you definitely need more EQ than IQ in this field, as you're dealing with people everyday, and how do you manage patients if you can't even manage your own emotion?

I just hope people can understand that one incident does not apply to all. Like I said, everyone here works hard and strives to provide better service!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Interesting ECG (6)

Interesting ECG!
A 40 year-old man who was seen in clinic for history of syncopal attack. He was seen by GP but told to have a "normal heart rhythm". He is worried because he has an uncle who had a sudden death after a syncope. (Enough clues!)

And the diagnosis is?

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