Monday, September 27, 2010

Full Diagnosis?

A classic referral again.

HO: "Hi I'm calling to refer a case, this patient is a known case of Parkinson's disease on oral Flecainide..."

MO: "Wait, she's on Flecainide? Why? Do you know what is that?"

HO: "'s one of the Parkinson's treatment..."

MO: "No it's an antiarrhythmic agent. You sure of the drug name? And you're calling from which department?"

HO: "I'm calling from obstetric ward..the patient is pregnant..."

MO: "Pregnant? You mean she has Parkinson's disease and she's now pregnant? How old is she? Is she a case of young Parkinsonism?"

HO: "Err...I'm not sure. I'm just reading out from her medical history card...and she said that the diagnosis is confirmed. Actually the full diagnosis is kind of long, do you wanna hear it?"

MO: "Kind of long? Yes please...*preparing to hear a diagnosis of young Parkinsonism due to secondary causes*"

HO: "The full diagnosis is W-o-l-f-f Parkinson W-h-i-t-e I pronouncing it correctly?"

MO: "*Speechless for a few seconds* you, actually know what's the difference between Parkinson and WPW?"

I bet he doesn't.

So, another major mixed up between a diagnosis of neurology Vs Cardiology. Just like the other one who thought the SA node is at around the pelvis.

I'm getting really, really worried. What about you?

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