Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Arterial Blood Gas"

In UK, I met a few other Malaysian candidates from different hospitals. During casual conversation, we mentioned about HOs in our respective hospital - Don't get me wrong, we're not like particularly interested in talking about this, it's just one of the topics among many others ha. So one of the stories is this:

One new HO (House officer) was asked whether he knows how to take ABG (Arterial blood gas) sample. He answered quite confidently, "Ya I used to take it during my medical student time."

So he was asked to demonstrate as ABG is needed for one patient.
He took the needle, inserted it to patient's wrist at an obviously wrong site for radial artery, and obtained nothing but some air. (Specialist and MO frowned, thought he was going to withdraw and re-attempt).

Surprisingly, he pulled out the needle like ending a procedure, passing it to the nurse, "Go and analyze this in the ABG machine..."

Specialist stopped him, "What are you going to analyze there? It's just air!"

And he said, "Ya, you asked me to take arterial blood GAS right? I got it!"

Apparently, he thought ABG sample is just...GAS!!
(I'm sure you can imagine how's the specialist's face like aftering hearing this "new" fact) lolz.

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