Sunday, January 31, 2010

HO, MO and Specialist (3)

HO: House officer
MO: Medical officer


HO came to see the MO.

HO: "I'm sorry...I'm really having difficulty in setting a branula for a patient. I've already asked help from 2 senior HOs, we have tried 5 times but still couldn't get..."

MO: "5 times? Hey you're supposed to get help from MO after 3 attempts...don't make the patient suffer ok..."

HO's face turned very pale.

MO: "Why your face looks like that? You tried more than 5 times is it? It's ok you can be honest..."

HO: "Hmm...err...actually I meant each of us tried 5 times."

MO fainted.


During ward round. Specialist and MO is going into an isolation room but there are only 2 masks left.

Specialist told the HO, "It's ok, you don't have to go in. But just make sure no one comes in without the mask ok."

HO nodded. So he waited outside.

After a while, a staff nurse called the HO to do an urgent blood taking. Thinking that he has to make sure no one can go into the isolation room, he came out with a great idea: He locked the door from outside.

After the blood taking, staff nurse asked the HO to get consent for another patient. Then new case came in for clerking...

After a good while he suddenly realized the ward round is not finished yet and he hasn't seen his MO/ specialist around.

So he rushed to the isolation room and unlock the door. Ya, you know what he saw, 2 extremely green faces.

A very "smart" HO isn't it? ;)

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interesting AXR

This is an abdominal Xray of a lady who has long-standing diabetes/ IHD/ chronic kidney disease and presented with poor oral intake and vomiting. My HO showed me her Xray asking what is the "worm-like" thing seen at left upper quadrant.

What do you think it is?

Friday, January 29, 2010

David Blaine on TED

Holding the breath for 17 minutes, "How is that possible?", you may ask. It seems that nothing is impossible for him, David Blaine, the magic man.

On April 30, 2008, David Blaine broke the world record by holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds - it's more like a temporary apnea - and it's thought to be beyond human limit but he did it. "The body can be trained," said his chest physician. With the medical knowledge that I have, I still think that hypoxic brain injury occurs after 6 minutes of oxygen deprivation, and maximum maybe up to 10 min but definitely not more than that. But David Blaine has proven it wrong, and appeared in the TED talks sharing with audiences how he did it.

After listening to his explanation and the "training" that he has undergone, I have to say this is truly amazing and human's strong will can make almost everything possible. Good job to David Blaine - Think he has just shared another wonderful piece of inspiration!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do Not Call Your Consultant at 3am

Heard this from one of my friends working in the other hospital:

This happened during a night that he's on call. Actually a general rule is we don't usually disturb our specialists/ consultants after 12am to discuss cases, unless really indicated. This is based on, of course, a courtesy (for not disturbing your boss' resting time); and for yourself not to hear some unhappy tone (who will remain pleasant if called to be awake in the middle of the night?) as well.

But he's got quite an unusual experience.

He had a tough case which came in at 3am, with some issues that he must discuss with his consultant. So he called..

He: "Morning boss, I'm so sorry to disturb you at this time. I just have one case to discuss..(presented the case). May I know what to do next?"

Consultant: "(Silence)..."

He: "Boss?"

Consultant: "Hey, I was caught by police actually..."

He: "What? What happened boss?"

Consultant: "I can't talk to you right now. I got to go...(hung up the phone)"

Left my friend who's frightened and confused, and thinking whether he should inform his head of department.

After 5 min, his consultant called back.

"Hey did you just call me?"

He: "Yes I did, boss..."

Consultant: "Please erase it from your memory what you've heard just now. I was in my dreamland when you wife just told me that."

Oops. What an awkward moment.

So that's the other reason of not to call your boss in the middle of the night - you might hear him sleep-talking to you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Card Collection + Magic Vid '10

Ordered a few new celebrate new year I guess (or just an excuse whatever) hehe. And it finally arrived!

The Bicycle Vintage 1800 series is really a classic. Look at the vid and you'll understand why I say so.

-Pic from Theory 11

And these are the Bicycle 125: Anniversary edition. It's of limited supply hence there's no reason of not keeping it in the collection lol.

My growing card family. Yay lol.

Meanwhile, I guess I'm just a bit too free so I edited my magic vids to become one as a recollection with my favourite music, enjoy! ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Color Change - Update

Card magic - or "Cardistry" is progressively advancing and it's always exciting. New techniques or sleight of hands are being invented, and the old ones are regularly revised to a higher level. One example is the color change (for non-magicians, it means "card-changing"). There are some recent updates of the skill, and some are really, really beautiful.

Bertram Change performed by David McLeod. So flawless isn't it?

This is pure madness. Insane card change originally by Daniel Madison.

Last but not least, this Snap change of Aces is ultra-visual. Done with cards facing up! Speechless! ;)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Best Song in 2009

I think no one will question about this "song" as the best song in 2009.

This is an annual mash up by DJ Earworm where he mixes the top 25 pop songs of 2009 on Billboard into one ultimate pop song:

The Black Eyed Peas - BOOM BOOM POW
Lady Gaga - POKER FACE
Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O'Donis - JUST DANCE
The Black Eyed Peas - I GOTTA FEELING
Taylor Swift - LOVE STORY
Jason Mraz - I'M YOURS
Kanye West - HEARTLESS
The All-American Rejects - GIVES YOU HELL
T.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake - DEAD AND GONE
Kings Of Leon - USE SOMEBODY
Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo - KNOCK YOU DOWN
Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain - BLAME IT
T.I. Featuring Rihanna - LIVE YOUR LIFE
Soulja Boy Tell 'em Featuring Sammie - KISS ME THRU THE PHONE
Jay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne - DOWN
Miley Cyrus - THE CLIMB
Beyonce - HALO
Katy Perry - HOT N COLD

Love it!

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