Friday, October 30, 2009

Typing Speed?

Saw this game from Yee's blog. Looks like an old game but quite fun to play.
Here's the record..hehe.

81 words


Play and challenge! XD

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Amazed

Saw one patient in clinic today.

"Hello doc! How are you doing?" He greeted me cheerfully.

"So how are my blood prolifes? Kidneys still good? My cholesterol controlled? Of course it is, I take my pills everyday - and on top of that, I do exercise - I do a lot of gardening ha."

"But you know what, I actually hate pills. To be honest, I wasn't on any medication until the admission 2 years ago and they diagnosed me having slightly high blood pressure and cholesterol. What to do? At my age some parts of the "engine" just ain't functioning properly."

"You wanna hear more about what happened 2 years ago? I was bitten by a snake. It happened during my gardening, a Cobra came out from nowhere, I caught its head and tried to toss it - but too bad, it bit on my foot!"

"That was a bad wound. Bleeding nonstop and I had to come to hospital. They operated on my foot," (showing his foot - a large scar) "And the wound heals well after a week!"

"I think otherwise I'm quite well, I can eat, can sleep, can walk and still able to do work. I think I'm quite lucky."

The above words were said by an elderly man that I saw today, and he's 95 years old this year. He looks happy, healthy and energetic, mentally as well as physically.

"Ya I'm 95 this year. But I'm not considering myself an old man you know. My mother lived till the age of 108 - so I still have another 10 more years to live! Ha!"

Amazing? I guess happiness and mind positivity are the keys to longevity!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good - Cheap - Fast?

Saw this in MMR. I agree that this should be hung at all clinics! ^^
Esp. to those patients who are so unwilling to wait just a while more, but when it's their turn they'll talk to you for half an hour and not stopping! Nobody is perfect - consideration and understanding is always appreciated by us! ;)

Sunday, October 04, 2009


I used to visit FAILblog quite often and really find it an unique site. It's like a collection of the vids and pics that can give you some really good laugh. Just to share a few:

FAILed maths.
What an embarrassing moment.

Impromptu eye shield. Risk of suffocation is higher than eye injury!

FAILed news placement. Will you still go for the plunge?

Hit and run? FAILed. Coz left the most important evidence!
Wrong relationship concept.
Anyone dares to sit on the bench?
Poor kids!
Confirmed FAILed security.
FAILed slogan!
BMW ride?
FAILed kiddy ride. WRONG CONCEPT!

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