Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beware of the...Hoax

The other day when I went to a ward to see a referral, I heard some "interesting" conversation among two "senior" housemen with two other fresh newcomers. It goes like this:

SHO(Senior HO)#1: "So you're new here. Just to brief you a bit on your work. First of all, punctuality. You're expected to come to ward at 6.30am or earlier, and you're expected to finish the blood-taking and ward round before 8am."

*New HOs quickly took down the notes*

SHO #2: "Ya we came that early everday and we're NEVER late. 2nd thing, case clerking. Every new case that comes, you must clerk the patients. The more cases that you clerk, the faster is your speed. For me, I can finish clerking a case in 5 min."

SHO #1: "My record is 3 min. FULL CLERKING AND EXAMINATION PLUS BLOOD-TAKING. My MO was also impressed."

New HOs: "Wow...*admiring looks* I hope I can do it as fast as you..."

SHO #1: "Well, it all comes with practice. So today make sure both of you clerk all the new cases today? Anything not sure, can CONSULT us."

New HOs nodded vigorously.

I think I sweated after listening to the conversation.
The thing is, the two so-called senior HOs are actually quite famous, no I mean quite infamous for their unsatisfactory performance in work, namely late or no turn up to work, irresponsibilities in patient care, basically quite opposite to what they "expected" the new HOs to do.

And most MOs were having headache when on call with them. Ya you should know how a "3 min-clerking" is like - you obviously need to re-clerk the whole thing for them!

This scenario is not uncommon in the workplace. So just a word of caution to all new HOs, when some SHOs (certainly not all) tell you that how perfect they are and intend to push all the work to you, please do not swallow it all blindly!

I can still remember when I was a HO, after a similar scenario like above, my friend told me, "Now the seniors can talk like they're really perfect. You know what I'm gonna tell my juniors next time?

I'll yell to them Hey dudes! Work faster! Do you know that last time when I was HO, I CAN CLERK TWO PATIENTS AT THE SAME TIME, AND THEN BOTH HANDS WRITE ON THE DIFFERENT TICKETS AT THE SAME TIME! Can you do that or not?!" ;D

I still find it so funny now.
And I'm sure you have similar encounters. Do share with me! ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

McDonald's Ordering Song?

Again a late discovery. But it's so nice to share!

A very entertaining vid by Family Life Education Pasefica (FLEP). Creative! ;)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Macau Magic Trip: Shop & Fun

Welcome to Macau! And this is the Church of Sao Paulo, the most famous landmark in Macau.
Apart of the magic performance (and food), we spent the rest of the time going around in the city. I didn't manage to go to HK as planned earlier due to some reasons, but nevertheless, we had really good time in Macau!

One of the places that you must visit is the Venetian Resort-Casino. An extremely luxury resort owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation - it's the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the fourth largest building in the world!

The design is very artistic and you'd just non-stop taking pictures once you step in. It's almost like you just walked in an art gallery!

(From left) Crissty, Jenny, Louise, me, Moon & CJ.
In fact we have taken countless of pics - the place is just too nice!

The Grand Canal Shoppes. More than 350 renowned stores under one blue sky - The sky is an artificial one, nice right? ;)

If not because of the local brands are there, you'd really think that you're located in Venice!

And one thing I must mention about this grand resort (since too many pics can't be uploaded), pls MUST have a look at the making of Venetian Macau. It's really a masterpiece by group hardwork, and you'll be amazed by how the blue sky is made!

We also went to the so-called "souvenir street".

Most tourists will buy this as souvenir. Quality pastry. And here I really have to apologize to my dear friends (esp the department mates) - here I really couldn't find any special souvenir to bring back pls forgive my empty-handedness ;(

The famous Macau porkchop bun. Not bad - but can't buy and bring back M'sia hehe.

And another best thing, I finally met up Jeff! My good friend in magic - and I havn't seen him ever since he left to Macau. Had a dinner, catching-up and the card jamming session. To those who can't remember him, he's the one I mentioned in my post "simply the best".

MGM Grand is another attraction in Macau but we didn't go during the daytime. We went a few times to its Lion's bar, one of the best clubs according to my local friend.

The live band performance there is really good.

And in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of China, the Grande Praca has been transformed into a must-see attraction, the Panda Carnival!  
Finally, a group pic with the big Panda! =)
And this is the last post of my Macau trip - really had a wonderful journey!
Thanks to all other performers and, hope can have chance to work with you all again! Take care!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Macau Magic Trip: The Food

I think no one needs to be worried of where to look for good food in Macau - it's everywhere. There are always some best dining options in the city!

The Noodle and Congee Corner in Grand Lisboa. Nicely designed.

Tried the traditional hand-made noodles. Can watch the expert chef preparing the noodles in the open kitchen!

Here can try the HK style WanTan mee with big shrimp dumplings. I had it twice and still miss it hehe.

These are the food that we ordered to our room. That day we had our own "mini Poker tournament" among ourselves. I won the 2nd game! Hehe.
My friend highly recommends this dessert - Bird's nest with milk. Tastes very nice!

Lunch time we usually go to the "Eight Restaurant". An elegant restaurant offering Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine. Very unique dining experience.

There was one night we went for supper in this "San Hou Zai" steamboat restaurant. I think if you drop by Macau, you should really try it!

The seafood steamboat is available in two sizes, big and small. And guess what, we ordered the small one but it's already like a seafood mountain! And look at the giant scallop. Tastes so fresh!

The most "memorable" dinner will be the one we had in "The Kitchen" on our 2nd last day stay.

Here you can try the best beef from Japan, Wagyu from Australia, US prime beef and Dutch veal as well as fresh seafood from tank. I bet you'd agree this is the finest beef steak in town.

The extra-large oysters!
Just to mention about the washroom, something flies up when the tap water running. Guess what, it's CASH notes! Not sure what's the reason behind this but it does look very unique indeed.

This is definitely the most expensive meal that I've had so far!

But the enjoyment is priceless! Cheeers!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Macau Magic Trip - Performance

The performance day was on 24th Aug. It's in the launch party for the APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour) tournament in Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, organized by

The day kicks off with the Press conference. Crowded with reporters!

My friend George Wong started his magical Mask-changing routine (a.k.a "Bian Lian) - one of China's most elusive performing arts. His speed of mask-changing is really impressive!

Four HK models were invited. I think the one at right most really looks like Twins member;)

And there you go, Welcome to the magical launch PARTY!

Here's the place. The table placement suits my walk-around close-up magic the most! Love it!

Live band performing throughout the event.

With the girls - Jenny, Louise, Crissty and Moon.

Performing my card magic to the guests. Their response was fantastic! ;)

Crowd were entertained!

Daniel in action. I guess he was doing rubberband magic.

Wayne with his silk-vanishing routine.

And even Robin Lim has joined us in the performance! His card-from-mouth was always surprising.

With Marcus - one of the Poker Pros. A very nice guy!

The performance went well and the feedback from the crowd as well as the organizer was excellent. And surely we have enjoyed the party the max too. Lastly, the group pic of magicians with the band members.

Good job for all the performers of the night! ;)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Macau Magic Trip - Arrival

Ya I'm back from my Macau trip (23/8 - 28/8) - my apology for sorta late update. Really too many pics to choose from;)
I was actually invited to perform in the welcome party for APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour) tournament '09 - held by APPT and PokerStars in Macau, the so-called the heart of poker in Asia, a very vibrant and exciting city indeed!

This exciting event took place in PokerStars poker room in Grand Lisboa Casino, the largest poker room in Asia. And the Grand Lisboa building design is stunning - it's based on a bright yellow lotus leaf with 58-floor height - definitely one of the most striking buildings I've seen!

The splendid interior.

There are plenty of invaluable antiques around at the entrance and ground floor. The pic above is the Great Wall of China sculpture.

The room is absolutely superb, to every details! Guess how much the rate per night for this room? It's $4900 HKD! - and we stayed for 5 days (one room for 2 person), you do the math.

The views from the room. Super nice. Can see the Macau tower?
And of course, the most relaxing place - a Jacuzzi bathtub and what's more, with the TV screen in front!;)
This is our first dinner place - the Macau Kopitiam. Tried the most typical HK food and coffee.
And here we are - George, me, Daniel & Wayne the group pic on 1st day.

Will update on the performance tomorrow!;)

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