Friday, February 29, 2008

Rotary Club Anniversary

Was invited to perform for the Rotary Club 12th Anniversary dinner night on 29th Feb. The dinner was organized by Rotary Club of Kamunting, held in the Legend Inn Hotel of Taiping. It was also a fund-raising dinner for the Palliative Care Society of Taiping, which was founded by Mr Lewellyn, one of the surgeons from surgical dept Hosp Taiping.

Performing to the VIP table.

With Dr Sree, the current president of Rotary Club of Kamunting, who was also my senior colleague in surgical dept.

The rotary club presented a fund of RM25,000 in the end of the dinner to the palliative care society. The magic performance went well and the event has been tremendous, i was especially moved by the speech by Mr Lewellyn, on how he founded the society, his dedication and his visions on the palliative care service. Truly inspiring!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Magic (Part 2)

Best Street Magic

Cyril's burger's trick clip has been circulating on net since few years back. The creativity of this effect is just astonishingly awesome.

Best Quick Change

Quick change by David and Dania the couple, the speed and coordination is just incredible.

Best Rope Magic

Rope magic routine from the world champion master rope magician Tabary. Absolutaly flawless.

Best Sawed-in-half

Out of the many variations of sawing-in-half over the centuries, this is indeed one of the best that i've seen!

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