Monday, November 27, 2006

Staedtler Roadshow

If one day while you are shopping somewhere, a Harry Potter/Zorro/Batman-like magician wants to show you some magic with Staedtler stationery, yes it could be me. Ha. This is a roadshow presented to you by Staedtler, the leading stationery brand, throughout the whole west M'sia starting from mid Nov till the end of Dec. It's gonna take place in 18+ major shopping centers during every weekends. So, be prepared to be amazed by what an ordinary stationery can do!=)

I'm allocated to Jusco Maluri but I'll only be able to perform for two weeks as my work is starting by mid Dec. I think this show is by all means a challenging one due to that: a. Kids are the main target audience; b. Gotta perform to shoppers and passer-bys while dressing like Harry Potter; c. I was told not to do too much cards. Hmm that's almost like killing me! But things turned out fine..i took the chance to practise my coin, rubberband, rope and ring magic..and I found that children really like the colouring book and the magic wand!=)

And finally, a pic with some of the magicians taking part. My very good magic buddies. Some are not in the pic though..Robin, Edwin, Lai, Eric etc. To conclude the event, we certainly had great fun out of it!=)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Standard Chartered Branch Open Day Celebration

I'm back from a 3-day show! It was about the open day of 4 new branches of Standard Chartered Bank in Melaka, Penang Autocity, Kajang and Kepong respectively. This grand opening took place from 11th to 13th Nov and was really an exciting one for me as I also took this chance as a mini-vacation=p. The journey was pretty hectic though, started on the very first day itself.
The first day event officially started at 11am but we gotta be there at 8 something to set up. Everything went alright and my job was to do walkabout closeup magic to customers, bank staffs and also the VIPs. Beside magic there was also Lion dance and clowns' entertainment. It finished at about 3pm and we jumped on the car again and departed to Penang. I think that was the most tiring part as we really spent awfully long time in car throughout the 3 days. But thanks to Jerry, he's such an incredible driver..he basically knows every single place in M'sia and the most unbelievable thing is we never found him yawns while driving. Respect him!=) And he also stopped us at Ipoh while on the way back from North, to have the best local delicacy, Ho Fan and chicken rice. Nice!

Pic with the bank staffs in Melaka. I realized don't I just look like one of the staffs too?=)

Some snapshots on spectators' reaction. Magic is such an entertaining art! And this is also my primary amaze and to bring joy to people=)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

OCBC Bank Mystical Carnival '06

Having turned down a few offers in Oct due to exam preparation, now i'm finally free for shows again! This month is gonna be really exciting. First in the schedule is this, the Mystical Carnival 2006 by OCBC Bank, held on 10th Nov in Hyatt Saujana Subang Resort. This carnival was exclusively for OCBC Bank staffs, and it sort of resembles the Masquerade party that I did for Digi, as the guests were required to wear fun and colourful attire. However, I found only small bunch of people wearing that whereas most of the rest esp. ladies still dress up nicely & elegant..made it more like a ballroom dinner=)

Looking at the theme and you should know this is a night involving mystical arts. Beside magic that i was performing, some booths were set up for Zodiac Sign fortune-telling by Simpson and Palm & Face Reading by Phoenic. I missed the chance to interact with them as each of us was really busy on that night. Hopefully will see them again in future events..i actually have deep interest in those two fields as well!=)

The sweet-looking gal holding the card fan in the middle is Candice, the relationship manager of OCBC. Quite surprised to know that she's from Chinese High School as well and her father is a specialist in Hosp. JB!

Pictures with spectators. As I said, the world is quite small sometimes. The guy in white sweater is my sister's good friend and he's just joined OCBC. He truly enjoyed the magic!=)

Time past really fast that night and i actually felt like staying to perform more. Really enjoyed the night and met a lot of wonderful people there as well!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Done my Step 2 CK!

Finally done my exam, USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge on 2nd Nov at Prometric center in Sheraton Hotel. Think this time i did slightly better than the last, though the duration of preparation is more or less the same (2 months), time is comparatively more adequate this time as in without having to juggle with the clinical works like what happened for my Step 1, which took up half of my study time and energy. Those days were just awfully tiring!

USMLE Step 2 consists of 2 parts, clinical knowledge (CK) and clinical skill (CS). CK tests knowledge of applicant primarily on Internal Med, and others such as surgery, Obs & Gyne, paediatrics, ortho, psychiatry, EENT and medical ethics. The scope doesn't differ much with what i've learnt but some particular topics require more emphases such as alcohol dependence, sexually-transmitted diseases, and especially the legal and social aspects of US medicine, which seem relatively new to me. Disease management wise in some parts is also quite different to ours too, esp. the diagnostic investigation and treatment. So the exam took a total of 9 hours, including 45 mins of break (and that also includes my lunch time), for a total of 370 questions divided in 8 blocks..well i guess it's not hard at all to imagine how brain-draining it is. There's only averagely 1.3 min for each ques, which is all a clinical scenario from patient's history to examination findings, then lab result for interpretation, and asked for diagnosis or next step of management. First few blocks were still ok for me, but my brain energy dropped at a significant speed from 4th block onwards. I think I experienced multiple episodes of acute paroxysmal brain death during the last blocks. It's really, really a torture mentally as well as physically (had back pain after prolonged sitting)!

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