Saturday, May 20, 2006

X Games Asia 2006

Was called to perform in X Games Asia 2006 in Sunway Lagoon..which was held from 12th to 14th in May. A consecutive 3-day performance is kinda impossible for my usual schedule but after i's nicely within my one-week mid-sem BINGO! This experience is pretty's still walkaround magic but it was beside a beach! The feeling was so as the view (hehe). It's fun working with Digi crew..very friendly & outgoing. I was trying my new effect "The phone call card" there and it seems to create huge impacts. I was kept askin to do it again. It went something like this:

Me: "Pick a card pls..any card."

Spectator picked one and returned, and they shuffled the deck.
I looked into their eyes, trying to read what their card is, then my handphone rang. I passed them my phone while it's still ringing, they looked at it and would all go "WTH! How did you do that??"
The screen was showing: "Four of Hearts (their card) is calling..."
-It's definitely one of my fav effects now!=)-

As for the X games, I wasn't really a big fans of it but after watchin it for 3 days, i hav totally changed my view. These sports are so cool! I enjoyed the stunt bike and speed climbing the's just awesome!

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