Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blaine's challenge

David Blaine, the hottest name in magic, my idol of all time. Bought his book 'Mysterious Stranger' some years ago and I remember seeing a challenge created by him with $100,000 reward to winner. Clues and codes scattered in his book need to be deciphered and will lead to a location with the 'treasure map', then the treasure. It's interesting but honestly i dun think the 'clues' in the book make any sense to me. Til today i found out that the challenge has already been solved, in Mar 04 and the solution was posted up.
Genius work indeed!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm Here

The actual date of this post is 10th Oct 2006. I finally switched to Wasn't really into blogging until now that i realized it could be a really good site to write down some important milestones of life. Since this is gonna be the main blog for long (i guess), i would sorta 'import' my posts from my previous one. Just to make it complete. Hopefully can share some interesting points of life, thoughts or magic facts here. Alright then, see ya around.

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