Sunday, November 03, 2013


Yes I'm back.

It's been quite a while. The blog was closed down for some reasons, and now it's back for some reasons, too.

Obviously lack of time is never a good excuse, and facebook somehow just can't really replace blogging.

The emails that I've received throughout this period are indeed encouraging and I really appreciate it. It is amazing I still bump into my blog readers in a few different work places that I go. Many of them are now MRCP-ians, and one even became my working colleague now. The world is just small.

As I am now more involved in educational aspect of Medicine, I feel that I shouldn't stop blogging - it should remain a good platform to share what I learned. I'm not that ambitious to hope it can inspire - but if it does any, to anyone who has passion in magic, medicine or Nephrology - I will be very pleased and gratified.

Let's continue on this journey. And to those who have emailed me, you know who you are,

thank you.

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Winston said...

Doc, I am a layman who is an avid fan of evidence based medicine.
And I have many matters to bring up.
I was thinking that a forum would facilitate better two-way interchange of ideas between you and visitors.
I hope that you can consider it.
Thank you.

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