Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christine Ha won MasterChef

MasterChef US Season 3 has recently concluded with Christine Ha, who calls herself "The blind Chef", winning the MasterChef title. Reading about a chef who is visually impaired has certainly intrigued my curiosity. Having spent some time watching the whole season 3 on youtube, all I could say is she has undergone such an amazing journey and it is truly inspiring. Some of the good episodes:

In the first episode, how she introduced herself and qualified the audition.

I especially like this part, how Gordon Ramsay encourages her.

And of course, the finale that she finally won the title that she well deserves.

"Midway through of this year's competition, my money would not have been on Christine for the win – and not just because of her disability – because she just didn't come across as the typical frontrunner. With Christine, slow and steady won the race. She subtlety climbed her way to the top by performing consistently well, triumphing over her own self-doubt, all the while maintaining her signature grace and integrity. It was thrilling to watch. And I can say with absolute confidence there was no one more deserving." - Joe Bastianich, judge of MasterChef. Well said!

Friday, September 07, 2012

聽她說話 - Yasmin Ahmad

"Yasmin Ahmad,這位在馬來西亞已故女導演,從她觸碰過的人們身上依然能感受得到她那揮散不去的影子。她的作品和理念總是出奇的簡單,卻能一次又一次的喚醒人們心底那最純樸的­愛的表現。" - SinChew.

Some posts that I shared about her stories before:
"You made us proud"
"Keep my fingers crossed"
"Beautifully imperfect"

We miss you, Yasmin.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

One Direction by ThePianoGuys

Beautiful music from The Piano Guys. Amazing work. Put on your earphones and enjoy!

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