Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dazzle - Lu Chen 2012

Lu Chen's World Magic tour 2012 - is stopping at Singapore in August. He's probably the best known Chinese magician in the region, and was also recently awarded the "Magician of the Year" by Academy of Magical Arts at Magic Castle.

The show is absolutely a highly anticipated one..and it's happening in a week time. Quoting his favourite sentence, "It's time to witness the miracle!"


Bismuth said...

Hi Dr Darren, this is not relevant to your latest post =P but wanted to ask if you know any paediatricians who blog like you do? As in they write on personal experiences and share interesting cases or daily encounters with colleagues or bosses too, but from a paediatrician's POV. Thank you.

Darren Lee said...

Hi Bismuth (Unique nickname!): Hmm to be honest, I'm not really aware of any paediatrician blogger sorry. What about you try this link to MMR:
If you have not been to the site, you'll be surprised by how many m'sian dr bloggers there are (but some are no longer active). Remember to check out the "doctor blog links" page 1 & 2.

Hope you'll be able to find one! ;)

Bismuth said...

Thank you for the info! ^.^ Lol I like how the word sounds and was intrigued when I found out it makes the tongue black, just like my dog's (chow chow)!

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