Saturday, January 07, 2012

Good Read - Top 10 Reason Why You Should Not Go to Medical School

Came across this article on FB, which was originally from UncommonStudentMD blog. Gosh I must say I really enjoy reading it. The bitter true facts are well-described, and it's just very funny and entertaining throughout. Look at the top 10 Reasons:

1. You will lose all the friends you had before medicine;
2. You will have difficulty sustaining a relationship during training;
3. You will spend the best years of your life as a sleep-deprived, underpaid slave;
4. You will get yourself a job of dubious remuneration;
5. You will have a job of exceptionally high liability exposure;
6. You will endanger your health and long-term well-being;
7. You will not have time to care for patients as well as you want to;
8. You will start to dislike patients - and by extension, people in general;
9. People who do not even know you will start to dislike you;
10. You're not helping people nearly as much as you think.

Well to be fair, of course this is not applicable to every single person but most will experience it at some point of time along the long journey.

Read the full article THERE now! (Trust me, it's stress-relieving!)

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