Saturday, January 14, 2012

Card Collection (4)

Please join me in welcoming the new card members:
Upper row (From left): Aristocrat (Red & Blue), Guardians v2, Sentinels;
Lower row (From left): Charity:water, Monarch, Steampunk, DeckONE.

(Pic from Theory11)

This deck worths special mentioning. If you read my previous posts, I wrote about charity:water and how it brings clean and safe water to millions of people. I'm glad that now it's in collaboration with Theory11 and produces high-quality playing cards - to raise fund for charity and I think it's a great idea!

I love the cards a lot. The handling is as good as other fine playing cards, and somehow I feel it's environmentally friendly too;)

The Steampunk is one of the latest products. It looks great and you should see the trailer - it's gorgeous! (on the eyes of cardicians - ha!)


Isn't it just cool?

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