Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Storm has Come

Much warning has been given regarding the "Storm" in the country. For relevant articles you can read on a few of the following:
1. "The Storm is coming..."
2. "Storm is coming" for medical profession
3. The Standard of Medical education
4. The Impending Disaster

With the reference to articles above, I think "storm" is the common word now to be used to describe this disaster. Perhaps the incidences below will give you more idea on the severity of the matter.

Heard these from various sources:
1. Intern referred a case to cardio for chest pain TRO ACS. ECG showed "giant Q waves" (new invented term) and patient's "stable". It was found out later patient was actually having Ventricular Tachycardia and just left in yellow zone and nothing was done.

2. After being commented on mistakes, intern became emotionally unstable and pointing the needle to the senior's throat and asked him to "shut up". Just dramatic like in a movie.

3. Intern was found to take ABG from patient's carotid artery.

4. Intern was asked to serve IV Dextrose to a hypoglycemic patient. Later the nurse found that the patient actually had no branula. The patient next bed, witnessed that the intern actually shot all the dextrose into waste bin.

There are many more. These are just the complication of chasing "cheap & fast" med graduates, and patients are the one who ultimately suffer. Instead of advancing, the system is actually driven to the totally opposite direction - and very near to the other end.

To any laymen/non-medical ppl, pls view the stories as fictions. The ppl & location is very non-specific, or even nonexistent.

p.s: I'm not trying to be harsh, everyone of us made mistakes when we were new, but the bottomline is even before any benefit you're going to offer, DO NO HARM. This is the first medical ethic that we learnt. You don't have to be the smartest, but you must be a safe doc - at least you know what not to do!


Ally said...

Ouh dear,

I thought UK graduates are bad ( <-- refer to current post) in comparison, but this is worse.

I remembered a final posting HO in Taiping Hospital 'examining' my mom and wrote CVS - normal, RS - normal but she wasn't anywhere near my mom with the tube! And one MO picked up a cotton wool of the floor that he dropped and used it again! Talk about the horror!

And when I brought this up to the head of department, he wasn't even bothered! They were all so defensive trying to avoid the issue. I couldn't remember a single sorry coming from any of the staff. Just felt so cheated and disgusted. At the end of the day, it's about patient's care. Hey ho.

Darren Lee said...

Hi Ally,

I'd like to add that the negative comments should neither be generalized to all hospitals, nor should it be specified to any single one. I'm not sure which department you're mentioning, but as I worked in Tpg Medical Dept for years, I'd like to say that my ex-head of Dept has really put in tremendous effort to maintain the service at high quality, if not better.

However the quality of the interns who newly graduated from oversea is really quite uneven. This is actually where the challenging part is.

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