Sunday, June 12, 2011

Interesting Imaging (3)

This patient came with an episode of seizure. He had similar episodes in the past and an intracranial intervention was done but he couldn't be sure what exactly it was.
A junior doc found the brain scan strange-looking and interpreted as "?Star effect".
What do you think it is and, what intervention was most likely done?


Anonymous said...

This look super weird.

I'm waiting for the answer. =D

noname1 said...

I think that it appears to be some metallic component left in the frontal area of the brain (therefore causing the bright artefact) - from the past intracranial intervention.
Possible ?stent insertion due to aneurysm? I'm not very sure.

matt said...

Some kind of metal was inserted into the brain. I dunno la, maybe brachytherapy for brain ca??

Darren Lee said...

Quite near to the's right that there's "something" in the brain causing that..;)

Darren Lee said...

Ok this is a CT brain for a patient post embolization for AV malformation, demonstrating onyx material with significant beam-hardening artifact in the previous location of the malformation.

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