Saturday, December 04, 2010

HO, MO and Specialist (5)

Specialist is doing a quick round, and HO is documenting down his words in the notes.

Patient #1 - Middle-aged man with uncontrolled hypertension.

Specialist: "The BP is still poorly controlled despite 3 anti-hypertensives. He looks acromegalic, do the hormone workup later."

*HO quickly wrote down*

Patient #2 - Lady with food poisoning, stool culture grows Salmonella.

Specialist: "So this is Salmonella food poisoning, remember to notify the Salmonella."

After round,
Specialist said to MO, "The HO is new right? He seems lost. Just make sure he wrote down the things properly ok."

MO then went back to the bed tickets and see the documentation. He then nearly fainted...

Patient #1's ticket: "Patient looks ?garlic, check the hormone later."

Patient #2's ticket: "Diagnosis is Salmon food poisoning. To notify the Salmon."

MO & Specialist: "Did he really take medical course, or was it a cooking course??"

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Michelle Mak said...

for real? adoi... cham liao like this

Tiffany said...

OMG! Amazing. Haven't came across such thing yet in the case file.

Zzzyun said...

haha really? i think the specialist will be vomiting blood after that!

Anonymous said...

this is really funny.
I want to borrow this for a while then remove it.:)
nice joke


Anonymous said...

maybe the specialist had an accent. sometimes i whenever some indians speak, i couldnt get them either =p

Product of the System said...

Here's another one:

Me: "For Diabetic Eye Screening"

HO from russia: " For Diabetic Ice-Cream."

I almost died.

Anonymous said...

that's funny....!!

aku dr amin said...

i think it can be either the specialist has different accent or the HO... emmm. i hope that i am not the one la. kena stady hard >_<

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