Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To The People Who Have Inspired Me

I have been receiving wishes for past few days and I must say that I really appreciate it. I'm glad that I've come to another milestone in medicine. Looking back, I'd also very much like to thank those people who have inspired me along the way.

The first is Dr Leong WS, who made me decided that I want to do Internal Medicine (I bet he didn't know this). The history traced back to the time I was doing my medical posting as my first posting of housemanship. I was placed in his ward for total of 3 out of 4 months. He is a tremendous teacher. I learnt a lot (directly and indirectly) from his impressive bedside manner, clinical method and way of thinking. He makes the ward rounds interesting, something that I was looking forward everyday as it's just full of learning experiences. And after I completed my medical posting, I already know that, Internal Medicine is what I'd pursue.

The next is Dr Lee BS, a senior of mine working in medical. If you can remember, I wrote a post congratulating her on her passing her MRCP. She is like a role model to me, and has been giving me advices for exams. I truly admired her that she could complete the exams by age of 28, I set it as a goal, and I'm glad that I achieved it!

Last but not least, the nephrologist that I'm currently working with, Dr Indra. I started my nephrology rotation since July. He has an amazing personality and extensive knowledge in general medicine. I was rather depressed when I didn't get through in my first attempt and he encouraged me to keep going. He used to tell me that doing medicine cannot be half-hearted, it should be a dedication, and I'll quote his words, "I breathe medicine, I think medicine, and I dream medicine."

To these great people, I'd like to say, thank you.

This is Dr Leong, I'm very glad to meet him again in one of my friend's wedding. He's now doing cardiology, and he just forever looks young! Thank you, Dr Leong!

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