Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Simple Thought?

Recently there's a case of severe anaphylactic shock requiring intubation for respiratory distress. It was secondary to severe allergic reaction to honey consumption. Surprisingly, according to family members, the patient is fully aware of the fact that he's allergic to honey, and would develop allergic reaction (pruritic urticaria and wheezing) each time he takes it. However, he still continues to take it, despite repeatedly advised by family members against it, and for this time, he took extra amount just because "he feel like eating it".

Why would anyone insist on doing something that actually risking his/ her own life?

Come to think of it, similar stories often occur. It's not something uncommon at all.

Have you seen patients with advanced COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) but still smoking? I'm sure you do, don't you?

Or patients with congestive cardiac failure/ renal failure but still never compliant to fluid restriction? - common cause for the recurrent admissions.

What about diabetic patients who are still taking high sugar diet? - Extremely common, needless to say.

And those who's already having severe deforming gouty arthritis, but still continue drinking beer? Same for those with advanced alcoholic liver disease? Plenty, too.

The common answer is always, "Ya I know..but I just can't resist it..."

Can't resist a simple thought. But think carefully, this is a thought which may lead you to a life-threatening complication, irreversible outcome, or even, death.

Still think it's a simple thought? I'd say it's an irresponsible thought, to self, to the people around you. Please think again.


Anonymous said...

Some ppl are attention thrill seekers with their left brain telling the right brain or is it vice versa to Just Do It?

MarytrMom said...

the honey patient sounds suicidal....his eating honey may cause immediate death where all the other examples take a bit of time before doing the deed....

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