Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patch Adams is Coming to KL!

No not Robin Williams. I mean the "real" Patch Adams.

Read this from MMR - that he's coming to KL on 26th Nov.

But 26th Nov is a Friday...why?! Too bad I'm just gonna miss this annual leaves are finished! I think it'll be great to see him in person, and share his concept of "joy and laughter are an integral part of healing process"...just like magic? XD

But I also found out something interesting in Wikipedia - that he actually doesn't like the movie "Patch Adams" so much. According to Wiki -

"Adams has criticized the film made about him, saying it sacrificed a lot of his message in order to make a movie that would sell. He said that out of all aspects of his life and activism, the film portrayed him merely as a funny doctor. Patch Adams also said of Robin Williams in an interview 'He made 21 million dollars for four months of pretending to be me, in a very simplistic version, and did not give $10 to my free hospital. Patch Adams, the person, would have, if I had Robin's money, given all 21 million dollars to a free hospital in a country where 80 million cannot get care.'"

Well, I didn't know that!


叶子 said...

Thank you for the news! Great!!

Anonymous said...

hi doc,
i've been following your blog for a while and its quite interesting to read.
if u got time,would u like to blog about PEF and FEV in bronchial athma sometimes



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