Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CPR Guidelines 2010 (NEW)

AHA (American Heart Association) has just released the latest CPR guidelines on 18th Oct. This is undoubtedly something very essential in our daily working life - so make sure you are aware of the new changes.

Some of the highlights in the guidelines:

* "Look, listen, and feel for breathing" has been removed from the algorithm.

* A change in the recommended sequence for the lone rescuer to initiate chest compressions before giving rescue breaths (C-A-B rather than A-B-C). The lone rescuer should begin CPR with 30 compressions rather than 2 ventilations to reduce delay to first compression. (Evidence: Improved outcome and survival with early chest compressions)

* Compression rate should be at least 100/min (rather than 'approximately' 100/min - Evidence: more compressions are associated with higher survival rates)

* Compression depth for adults has been changed from the range of 1.5 to 2 inches to at least 2 inches. (Evidence: Compressions of at least 2 inches were shown to be more effective in generating critical blood flow and oxygen)

* Routine use of cricoid pressure in cardiac arrest is not recommended.

* The recommended initial biphasic dose for cardioversion of AF is 120-200J, and 200J if monophasic. (Old guidelines recommended 100J starting dose for monophasic)

* Atropine is no longer recommended for routine use in management of PEA/ asystole and has been removed from the algorithm. (Evidence: Use of atropine is unlikely to have a therapeutic benefit)

There are many more key changes.
You can access the full guidelines here.

Read it today!

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Caryn said...

thanks, even though it would've been nice to have seen this a month ago, where i just did my emergency med posting and hafal-ed all the old guidelines! sigh. life long learning it is.

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