Friday, August 13, 2010

Where's the SA Node?

Just heard this story today.

One houseman is not happy that he was being extended in Orthopedic posting.

Medical MO: "Why did it happen?"

HO: "This is totally unreasonable. They were asking me something unrelated to orthopedics and they failed me just because I answered wrongly!"

MO: "Oh that's bad. What did they ask you?"

HO: "They asked me where the SA (sinoatrial) node is!"

MO: "Oh...that's like really testing your anatomy knowledge learnt in foundation years. But you're right that it's not really related to orthopedics and they shouldn't fail you just because of that."

HO: "'s not reasonable at all!"

MO: "So what did you answer then?"

HO: "I said it's somewhere around the pelvis."

MO: "....*deadly speechless*"

I think most of you will know by now why he can't blame ppl extending him. If not, you can take a look here on the location of SA node, and whether or not it's anywhere near pelvis! ;)


Anonymous said...


Yee said...

seriously sweat..
i, being a pharmacist student, know where SA node is!! omg. can u jz fail him?

pilocarpine said...

SA node can mean quite a lot of thing..

maybe he was thinking about pelvis too much..

Cdc© said...

=_=" SAN is, if i'm not mistaken, an universal abbr for sinoatrial node.

is HO like an intern? we use intern-resident system here. if so, i dont think orthopedics is the right place for him. he might just never learn where SAN is.

(i hope there's no orthopods here :d)

pilocarpine said...

superficial anal node?

Kitē²¾。。。 said...

hmm....guessing is who having his SA nodes in his pelvis....hehe

Darren Lee said...

Ha you all are right that he really thought it's a lymph node. And since it's asked by an ortho person, so..there's how pelvis came into the mind.

When I heard this story, my first thought is he could have made it by saying things like, "It's in the heart but I can't recall the exact location.." But once he said the "pelvis", then it's really difficult to help him! I think same goes for answering ques in exam...

confessions of a medical student said...

i liked to give ppl the benefit of doubt... like my senior professor used to say, 'one should NEVER. NEVER, NEVER use shortforms...' - SEE WHAT HAPPENED!!


maybe if the examiner didn't used short forms, he surely, definately, would not have failed... haha!

Anonymous said...

i read with interest this particular article.Probably that HO learnt the SA node in a different language in his medical school but I don't think its accetable JUST to extend that HO just because of that particular thing.

winniehsy said...

damn. totally speechless.

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