Sunday, August 08, 2010

Morning "Live Show"

Ward rounds are usually a 3-level thing: Earliest round by housemen at 7am, then by medical officer at 8am, then specialists will come at around 9 or 10am.

If the ward MO/ Specialists are nice and friendly, the HOs are blessed. But more often than not, if HOs are placed (or abandoned) in a ward with "malignant" superior, then, good luck to them.

The morning round will become a torture, a daytime "nightmare" to them. Non-stop screaming and shouting, sometimes I think that, isn't it like a "live show" to the patients?

Examples are like: (Believe me, I've modified it to a milder version)
"Your knowlegde and management is totally out. Are you sure you've graduated from med school?" Ouch..that hurts. But this is one of the most common "scripts" you'll hear.

"This is nonsense. Stupid!"

"Your work is rubbish!"

You know what's even worse? Remarks like:

"This is totally unacceptable. Do you know that the medication you gave could have killed the patient!" (Then cancel off some medications from the drug chart, which was already served in the morning)

Saying remarks like this at the bedside. Just imagine you're the patient. How would you feel? (What? I was just served a med that will cause me to die??)

Many more examples.
The point is, why have these"superior" lost their basic ability to respect others? Isn't medicine supposed to be practised in a more professional way?

Remind me of what one of my consultants once told me, "Practise intelligent medicine, not emotional medicine. Straight to the point and solve the problem. Pointless shouting and screaming..just not gonna help!"


Kitē²¾。。。 said...

true pun....pity the patients have to receive the shock n nightmare together....
ps: those script seems familiar~~=p

Darren Lee said...

Scripts sound familiar? This has to be PURE COINCIDENCE ok. You think too much. hehe.

Kitē²¾。。。 said...

*node node* definatly PURE COINCIDENT....=)

Anonymous said...

good point!

Zzzyun said...


do u think msian consultants are more prone to that compared to those of other countries?

most of them tat i met here in aussie are quite nice.

Tiffany said...

Totally agree. Sometimes the Doctor just discuss the diagnosis of cancer in front of patient before explaining to them in detail. I am like...what the heck. While sitting there the patient already heard what is his doom.

Alan Na said...

What do u think it takes to change this scenario?

Anonymous said...

My late aunt with late stage cancer told me once her Doc (Head specialist) scolded one doctor aloud... YOU want to KILL the patient ??? Yes, bedside manners are sorely lacking but sometimes it can't be helped esp in a busy ward. There was this forever busy wannabe consultant lady doctor who replied in not so nice friendly tone : I AM the specialist here... DON"T judge us by questioning why this particular medication is given to patient (late aunt). She was 2nd in command in onco ward. I pointed out my aunt has been eating the said medicine for 2 days!! Flustered she look at the record, clarified with nurse in attendance & said "I'll check with the others" when she realised her mistake. "I wasn't aware" Next day aunt told me they suddenly stopped the medication! no explanation whatsoever. FYI I knew that the medication was solely for breast cancer not for my aun't type of cancer that was the reason I asked her & she got angry.. Well let the head "slaughter" those who do wrong in public its for their own good sometimes !!

pilocarpine said...

does keeping the patient from knowing that she's been taking the wrong medicine change the fact that she is INDEED taken the wrong medicine?

this scenario will only change if our blardy farker medical council stop taking bribes and start auditing those med school, even the local uni, preventing them from producing low grade HOs.

ys said...

I am a clinical ward pharmacist and I am listening to all these scolding "idiot, you are more than stupid, are you sure u graduated from med school etc etc" in the ward everyday. Eventhough I am not a HO. Listening to these make me uneasy. cant they just teach/ tell in a more polite way? The consultant has the idea that HO wont learn without being insulted :s

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