Friday, August 13, 2010

Where's the SA Node?

Just heard this story today.

One houseman is not happy that he was being extended in Orthopedic posting.

Medical MO: "Why did it happen?"

HO: "This is totally unreasonable. They were asking me something unrelated to orthopedics and they failed me just because I answered wrongly!"

MO: "Oh that's bad. What did they ask you?"

HO: "They asked me where the SA (sinoatrial) node is!"

MO: "Oh...that's like really testing your anatomy knowledge learnt in foundation years. But you're right that it's not really related to orthopedics and they shouldn't fail you just because of that."

HO: "'s not reasonable at all!"

MO: "So what did you answer then?"

HO: "I said it's somewhere around the pelvis."

MO: "....*deadly speechless*"

I think most of you will know by now why he can't blame ppl extending him. If not, you can take a look here on the location of SA node, and whether or not it's anywhere near pelvis! ;)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Morning "Live Show"

Ward rounds are usually a 3-level thing: Earliest round by housemen at 7am, then by medical officer at 8am, then specialists will come at around 9 or 10am.

If the ward MO/ Specialists are nice and friendly, the HOs are blessed. But more often than not, if HOs are placed (or abandoned) in a ward with "malignant" superior, then, good luck to them.

The morning round will become a torture, a daytime "nightmare" to them. Non-stop screaming and shouting, sometimes I think that, isn't it like a "live show" to the patients?

Examples are like: (Believe me, I've modified it to a milder version)
"Your knowlegde and management is totally out. Are you sure you've graduated from med school?" Ouch..that hurts. But this is one of the most common "scripts" you'll hear.

"This is nonsense. Stupid!"

"Your work is rubbish!"

You know what's even worse? Remarks like:

"This is totally unacceptable. Do you know that the medication you gave could have killed the patient!" (Then cancel off some medications from the drug chart, which was already served in the morning)

Saying remarks like this at the bedside. Just imagine you're the patient. How would you feel? (What? I was just served a med that will cause me to die??)

Many more examples.
The point is, why have these"superior" lost their basic ability to respect others? Isn't medicine supposed to be practised in a more professional way?

Remind me of what one of my consultants once told me, "Practise intelligent medicine, not emotional medicine. Straight to the point and solve the problem. Pointless shouting and screaming..just not gonna help!"

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