Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Perfect Drug?

I'm not sure whether you're aware of this drug, it's really powerful. (I guess you might have heard of it somewhere)

It's basically a "magic drug" for practically everyone.

For children, it enhances the immune system. Be worry-free of infection. You know, some even said that child who takes this drug will never need to visit a doctor!

For teenagers, it's good for brain development. Want a smart boy who can score excellent in exams? This is the right drug!

For working adults, it keeps you energetic all the time. And of course, if anyone thinks that his certain "function" is insufficient, this will keep you really energetic! And for young women, this can regulate menstrual cycles, make your skin super smooth, guaranteed!

Can you take this drug during pregnancy? Of course you can! Your baby will be extra-healthy and extra-cute, and with very strong immune system!

For middle-aged people? Ya it can be used also. It's very good in preventing prostate enlargement, memory loss ( Ya, I know you've been looking for such magical drug for long time) and joint pain. Some actually said that their uncles/ aunts who's got Diabetes Mellitus are actually CURED by this drug! Seriously, their doctors are very surprised too!

Oh I forgot to mention, it has another function. If you grind it into powders and mix it in water, guess what, it can be used as eyedrops! You can use it to treat conjunctivitis, glaucoma as well as cataract!

You ask how come this drug is not available in hospitals and it can only be bought from my company? Come on, this is a state-of-the-art product of the latest technological breakthrough which is patented, of course it's not available anywhere else!

So, you wanna get this drug?

If you think the above statements sound familiar, you might have heard it from a traditional medication/ direct-sales product seller. I think I have heard too many. And I noticed that regardless of the product that they are selling, there are some commons in the products:

1. This product can benefit ALL age-groups. From the unborn to the elderly. For both genders, healthy or diseased, and for all kinds of medical conditions! The "Eye-drop" story is real. Gosh, I really can't imagine what will happen if you simply mix it and put in your eyes. Can treat glaucoma and cataract simple as that? The ophthalmologist will be jumping!

2. This product can CURE chronic medical condition (diabetes, hypertension) and prolong survival in cancer patients. Well, please analyze how true can this be. But those vulnerable groups are usually targeted and they would actually choose to believe.

3. This is a product of a new tech, hence not available in hospitals, and hence your doctor never told you this. Oh come on, you mean there's actually a cure for diabetes (by oral medication) and the docs are not aware of it? Think again.

I'm doing nephro rotation now, and seeing patients who suffer the outcome of believing this could work. Irreversible kidney failure. The worst thing is, will the seller ever be responsible for it? The asnwer is, sorry, NO.

Sad, isn't it?


Abesa007 said...

the problem is we tend to believe on whatever 'extraordinary' things, we might not fall for it at the first try but after they bragged a few words...damn... ionce fall for them, I bought this supplement coz they said, I wont be sleepy in class... :P

Liam said...

patient made the choice, and doctor treat the consequences... sad to both parties

Anonymous said...

For a second there, I almost believed that there is a miracle drug. It just sounded too good to be true until I came towards the end of the 'promising' article.

It always stumped me when patients come in and after noting that the medical managements are not working (at all, or as fast as they wanted to), they opted for AOR discharge to try out for traditional meds/alternatives/bomoh etc. Some came back with worsening symptoms, and from them, some got discharged...to mortuary!

But I guess the patients are in actuality the victims (sometimes). At times, I do feel glad whenever I managed to talk them out of these dubious meds (of course with help of orchestrated words from kind MOs /specialists who wanted HOs to learn how to deal with such situation, as at times I wouldn't even know what these dubious drugs are and my superiors are of course more experienced :D ).

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