Monday, May 10, 2010

Couple Jokes (5)


Husband said to wife, "You know what, woman with natural beauty really doesn't need any make-ups."

Wife: "Wow, I'm flattered! You hardly praise me..."

Husband: "So I think you'd better put up some make-ups."

Wife: "......"


Wife: "Dear, I notice that you always keep a photo of me in your wallet. May I know why?"

Husband: "Oh, it's very important. Whenever I face any difficulty, I'll look at it and I'll feel strong again."

Wife: "That's really mean by looking at my picture actually motivates you so much?"

Husband: "Yes it does. I'll look at the picture and tell myself, 'If I can endure the difficulty like this, what else should I be afraid of?"


A man rushes into a police station and tells the police, "I committed an offence, please lock me in the jail now."

Police: "What did you do?"

Man: "I accidentally hit my wife's head with a stick."

Police: " look really terrified and frightened. Is is that she became unconscious?"

Man: "No she's still conscious. That's why I need to run to here!"

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confessions of a medical student said...

these jokes very bias lehhh... bet they were invented by men :P

Darren Lee said...

shinyin: Ya I notice too. You're probably right haha;)

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