Sunday, March 07, 2010

Top 10 Amazing Diagnoses

Over the years (actually not many years), I've come across some really interesting diagnoses, which I think I can now make it a "Top 10". Some have appeared in my posts before, and some are newly encountered. Let's have a look: (List not in any particular order)

Failure to Thrive
Comment: Looks quite normal, except that this is diagnosed for a 53 year-old man.

Acute urinary retention secondary to benigh prostatic hypertrophy
Comment: Again, looks nothing wrong. But it's for a 70 year-old WOMAN which it'll be the headline if you can find her prostate.

Alleged drug overdose secondary to scolded by mother
Comment: No doubt, the mother's gonna be in deep trouble. (and she'll hate the doc for sure)

Alleged bitten by a living creature
Comment: The other MO told me that, we should be worried that some "monsters" might be in town now. (origin of this diagnosis)

Uncontrolled hypertension secondary to Portal hypertension
Comment: It's simply amazing that how these two unrelated things can be related.

Depression with Sadism
Comment: I was very curious when I saw this, on how the HO could get the history about the "sadism" part. Later I realized that she thought "sadism" means "sad-ism", as the patient feels sad most of the time.
She made me feel sad, too.

Pseudo-pseudo Seizure
Comment: This is new in medicine. I've yet to find out whether this actually is a new term, or maybe someone thinks this is the plural form of "pseudo-seizure"!

Hyperkalemia secondary to excessive bananas
Comment: This is amazing, as the potassium is 6.5mmol/L. I wonder how much bananas has the patient actually swallowed to get potassium this high.
But this remind me of, someone actually tried to use bananas to correct hypokalemia!

PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin) secondary to liver abscess
Comment: So is the origin known or not known now?!

Hypoglycemia attack secondary to his wife
Comment: Ok la, this is by me. Although it's the true "mechanism" of the hypoglycemia but I didn't put the diagnosis as such. You can read the story here.

So these are just some 10 diagnoses I selected, I'm sure there are many more out there. The idea is not to blame anyone but to amuse you, as sometimes we do need some light moments on top of our heavy work time! ;-)


mousie said...

hahaha... the banana one really cracked me!!! That one was really funny!!! I wonder where the banana conclusion came from... hahaha...

Tiffany said...

Haha.These are really amazing diagnoses.About the banana...actually I did see one case file some time ago, at the bottom note to nurse : Advice patient to eat more banana. So...I am guessing somehow banana is in the plan of management now?

nadia said...

hi there.. I jump onto ur page which really make my day!..i never thought this kind of diagnosis happened, but gosh, who knows?..wondering if i can copy this for my facebook, pal?

Darren Lee said...

mousie: Ya..sometimes you can just find wonders in ur daily working..hehe

Tiffany: I guess it's gonna be part of management. One day banana is gonna be listed in our blue book: Oral banana 1/1 TDS. For Rx of hypokalemia. lol

Nadia: Glad you like it. My pleasure if you wanna share it;)

MP_cillin said...

so for #6 did u teach (or show) her the real meaning of sadism?

Darren Lee said...

MP_cillin: I only told her the meaning, maybe will refer to you to show her. ha.

MP_cillin said...

wah...i cannot lar...maybe pey and his collection of Saw 1,2,3,4,5,6 can help...haha
thx for the interesting post

Ayumijioh said...

Dr.Darren just one to give heads up, in Indonesia the doctors will tell the (poor) patients with hypokalemia to take Bananas cos it foc medication :)

Darren Lee said...

Ayumijioh: Oh yaya don't get me wrong, I do agree that banana can help, in pt with slightly below-normal potassium and who is asymptomatic, it's a natural Rx! ;)

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