Friday, February 05, 2010

HO, MO and Specialist (4)

HO: House officer
MO: Medical officer


During ward round. HO, MO and specialist stopped at one patient with abnormal FBC (full blood count) result.

Specialist: "The Hb (hemoglobin) only 5.6g/dL? But no pallor? He looks clinically pink!"

MO: "The FBC is very different from the yesterday's one. Today FBC is all low and looks like a diluted sample."

Specialist looks at the HO, "And the patient is on IV drip. So, what do you think has happened?"

(Specialist and MO is expecting for a simple answer - blood could be taken from the IV drip arm)

HO: "Oh..(confidently) this patient is pseudo-pinkish!"

He just invented a new medical term!


A HO is infamous of frequently getting emergency leave (EL) in the last minute for just minor problem.

This time he just did it again by sending SMS to the MO, "Hi Dr, I'm so sorry that I have to take EL today. I'm having runny nose. I really need to rest."

Then he sent another SMS, "I've tried very hard to look for replacement but really couldn't find any. I hope you don't mind. I'm gonna rest now."

After a while he got the reply from the MO,

"It's ok. You please rest in peace. Bye."


Jing said...

i will fuck'em up nicely if they are my HOs in the future... -.-!!!

Darren Lee said...

Wah Jing, calm down.. You mean to HO #1 or #2? hehe

maileng said...

no.2 is funny.O(∩_∩)O
please tell what happen when he's back to work.

Surgical Instrument said...

It is very useful information. I like it very much. It will be help a huge number of people, who have the interest in this field. Keeps it up great work!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

lol... both if can... HO 2 definitely!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! do u mind if i share this post in fb? this is so funny~
BTW, lov ur blog!

Darren Lee said...

Anonymous: Ya you can..but pls leave ur name if you dun mind..;)

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