Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interesting AXR

This is an abdominal Xray of a lady who has long-standing diabetes/ IHD/ chronic kidney disease and presented with poor oral intake and vomiting. My HO showed me her Xray asking what is the "worm-like" thing seen at left upper quadrant.

What do you think it is?


Yee said...

enlargement of some veins?

Anonymous said...


~*caryn*~ said...

looks like she accidentally swallowed her dentures.

pilocarpine said...

pancreatic calcification?

Darren Lee said...

Yee: Your answer is the closest..

anonymous & caryn: The shape looks like dentures?? But my HO's answer is even more creative - she asked whether it's Ascaris lumbricoides! ;)

pilocarpine: It's something calcified but more next to the pancreas..

The answer is...

Calcified splenic artery! ;)

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