Sunday, January 31, 2010

HO, MO and Specialist (3)

HO: House officer
MO: Medical officer


HO came to see the MO.

HO: "I'm sorry...I'm really having difficulty in setting a branula for a patient. I've already asked help from 2 senior HOs, we have tried 5 times but still couldn't get..."

MO: "5 times? Hey you're supposed to get help from MO after 3 attempts...don't make the patient suffer ok..."

HO's face turned very pale.

MO: "Why your face looks like that? You tried more than 5 times is it? It's ok you can be honest..."

HO: "Hmm...err...actually I meant each of us tried 5 times."

MO fainted.


During ward round. Specialist and MO is going into an isolation room but there are only 2 masks left.

Specialist told the HO, "It's ok, you don't have to go in. But just make sure no one comes in without the mask ok."

HO nodded. So he waited outside.

After a while, a staff nurse called the HO to do an urgent blood taking. Thinking that he has to make sure no one can go into the isolation room, he came out with a great idea: He locked the door from outside.

After the blood taking, staff nurse asked the HO to get consent for another patient. Then new case came in for clerking...

After a good while he suddenly realized the ward round is not finished yet and he hasn't seen his MO/ specialist around.

So he rushed to the isolation room and unlock the door. Ya, you know what he saw, 2 extremely green faces.

A very "smart" HO isn't it? ;)

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叶子 said...

Hahaha... very funny! Hope I'll not lock my boss inside isolation room next time. haha...

Pingu said...

Tat's Funny !! LOL....

Liam said...

hahahah, i will screw the HO hardly, hahaha

Squeakers said...

wah... 5 times................. a bit too much leh... patient sure faint from pain dy...

sing said...

Was it you being locked inside? Whoever it is, it's way too funny liao! Hahahaha~

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

the specialsts n mo must b not that smart as well. could have used the patient alert system by the patient bedside or own hphone. hahaha

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