Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do Not Call Your Consultant at 3am

Heard this from one of my friends working in the other hospital:

This happened during a night that he's on call. Actually a general rule is we don't usually disturb our specialists/ consultants after 12am to discuss cases, unless really indicated. This is based on, of course, a courtesy (for not disturbing your boss' resting time); and for yourself not to hear some unhappy tone (who will remain pleasant if called to be awake in the middle of the night?) as well.

But he's got quite an unusual experience.

He had a tough case which came in at 3am, with some issues that he must discuss with his consultant. So he called..

He: "Morning boss, I'm so sorry to disturb you at this time. I just have one case to discuss..(presented the case). May I know what to do next?"

Consultant: "(Silence)..."

He: "Boss?"

Consultant: "Hey, I was caught by police actually..."

He: "What? What happened boss?"

Consultant: "I can't talk to you right now. I got to go...(hung up the phone)"

Left my friend who's frightened and confused, and thinking whether he should inform his head of department.

After 5 min, his consultant called back.

"Hey did you just call me?"

He: "Yes I did, boss..."

Consultant: "Please erase it from your memory what you've heard just now. I was in my dreamland when you wife just told me that."

Oops. What an awkward moment.

So that's the other reason of not to call your boss in the middle of the night - you might hear him sleep-talking to you!


Yee said...

Hahahaaa....I wonder what is his reason of getting caught by police!!

Nic said...

What if he ask for surgical procedure.. GG terus..

whsy said...

lol... now that is funny. =P

gwen said...

ha, it's funny
feel sorry to your friend, i think he/she must be in a cold sweat'''
the consultant-his life must be very tension, even in his dream, he is being caught by the police:P

Darren Lee said...

Ya, the consultant must be having a nightmare when he called, I guess. hehe

Tiffany said...

Wow. That's amazing. But I do encounter that before with post-call doctors. My friend is like giving me out instructions as if talking to a nurse. Be thankful the consultant didn't give you the directions when he is sleep-talking. Or else....haha.

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