Sunday, January 10, 2010

Color Change - Update

Card magic - or "Cardistry" is progressively advancing and it's always exciting. New techniques or sleight of hands are being invented, and the old ones are regularly revised to a higher level. One example is the color change (for non-magicians, it means "card-changing"). There are some recent updates of the skill, and some are really, really beautiful.

Bertram Change performed by David McLeod. So flawless isn't it?

This is pure madness. Insane card change originally by Daniel Madison.

Last but not least, this Snap change of Aces is ultra-visual. Done with cards facing up! Speechless! ;)


bingwui said...

haha 1st video i tried before... quite hard to accomplished laa.. another 2 i got no idea at all how they do it! grrrr.. geram!

Darren Lee said...

Ya the Bertram change is quite angle-sensitive..not easy to do. The 2nd one I know..hehe..maybe share with you next time..but the 3rd one, i'm really scratching my head too!!!!

Dino said...

hv no idea how they did it, but it is superb! *claps*

bingwui said...

haiyoo.. dunno when onli can go grik.. hahahhaa! i need tutor liao..

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