Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Post-Call Syndrome

Post-call syndrome is a terrible disease.

I still remember that I once described it in my previous post as "...36 hours or longer of non-stop working, it's still alright for the overnight but the next day morning is when the awful time comes. You'll have subtly dropping GCS, with episodes of LOC (loss of consciousness) and apneas, as if you're ready to collapse anytime. The LOC can happen anytime while clerking patients, talking to colleagues, or half way eating, like a absence seizure kinda thing..."

I think on-call is a special experience shared by docs - and it is often terribly tiring. What's more, on-call duty actually increases cardiovascular risk in docs!

So basically one can look like this pre-call,
And entirely devastated after, especially a bad call!

Save the doctors!


pilocarpine said...

doctors can't be saved, not in our Bolehland.

Yee said...

Point taken
Dont ever mess with a post-call dr!!!

ANNE said...

hahahah..absence?? lol..i remember one of my classmate told me, he saw 2 Housemans came to the neuroclinic during rotation.both of them had seizures from sleep deprivation.scary..

btw, im a med stud from PMC

Ya Hwee said...


This site support your post,just nice came across it. :D

Darren Lee said...

pilocarpine: Having said that, if looking at the overwhelming production of docs as current trend, things might change don't you think so? Probably it'll turn into shift system with no more calls, then might become EOD working one day. Possible? hehe

Yee: It's ok to mess with a post-call dr. They usually are in a "numb" state and hardly react to anything.

Anne: What?? Coincidently, Ive heard stories from my colleagues that during study break for final exam, they had a friend who actually fitted due to intense stress and prolonged hours of studying. Sound scary but it's true.

So what now, before graduation is stressful due to exams, now after graduated still seizure from sleep deprivation? Gosh. As I said, save the docs!

Ya Hwee: Ya I think it's the same study that i linked to, it came out this year and hopefully can alert the health personnel like us.

bingwui said...

i seriously think MO's work is more than HO's... so should enjoy my HO time now.. hahaha

but how come the nurses say that MO's tummy gets bigger and bigger. so it actually means the life is easier right?

JunJun-Riko said...

even when u're not on call or at work, u also will work at private de ler... asked u not to work so hard u also don listen one... workaholic darren. hng!

Anonymous said...

hahah something similar happened with no sleep, fell asleep standing, as soon as I was about to fall over, regained consciousness and quickly took a loud step forward to prevent from falling over. Stomp was pretty loud, and got everyone's attention

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