Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interesting Chest Xray (6)

Believe me, this is a good one for learning. I'm currently doing my Respiratory rotation, and came across this CXR in the chest clinic. It's of a patient with Miliary Tuberculosis and TB of lumbar spine. During the last follow-up there's a new shadow noted near the right heart border, suspicious-looking. He was proceeded with a CT Thorax.

CT scan showed no significant hilar or mediastinal lymph node enlargement.
So what do you think is the shadow?

It's actually multi-level multi-loculated paraspinal abscesses at the thoracic spine! The heart is slightly left to the midline hence exposing a part of the abscess. Tricky?

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Ng said...

would be nice to get a clearer CXR view. ! haha.
BTW, is the pt sabahan or sarawakian ?

Darren Lee said...

Ng: Nope..why would you think so? Any other findings on the CXR?

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