Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cyril: Simply Magic

"Can magic really bring happiness?
Can magic break cultural and language barriers?
Can magic change the world.

Cyril: Simply Magic is unlike any other magic show ever made, and it’s not just because Cyril is unlike any other magician. Simply Magic focuses on the idea that magic can affect people’s lives positively. More than just entertainment, magic has the potential to bring happiness. And also through Cyril’s seemingly impossible feats the audience gains hope that nothing in life is impossible, because Cyril accomplishes the impossible everyday.

“Whatever you can imagine, can be made real.”


Whole new magic episodes by one of my super favourite magicians - Cyril Takayama.
The premiere show will be tomorrow, 9pm at AXN. (D*mn, I'm ON CALL!)

But to the rest, don't ever miss it! ;)

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