Friday, October 30, 2009

Typing Speed?

Saw this game from Yee's blog. Looks like an old game but quite fun to play.
Here's the record..hehe.

81 words


Play and challenge! XD


JunJun-Riko said...

Wa.... Yer.... So unfair one.... Why so fast geh...??? Bleks.... =p

Yee said...

sweat.. this is my super duper old post. and ya u win, u r fast..Btw, i suppose u do not understand chinese? Let's compete in chinese typing speed then!

Darren Lee said...

JJR: *V* Yek Yek..*It's MaGIC* XD

Yee: OMG..yee..I grad from Chinese Independent school..surprise?;)

Yee said...

a very, very, very big surprise!
oh well i was still wondering how did u read my blog then!! now i know y =)

btw, u r working in government hospital?
this week i hate doctors working in government hospitals. Blek!

Darren Lee said...

Yee: Ya im in Govn hospital. Hope i'm not in your "hate" list. Ha. I read your story..I can understand how you felt but certainly not all govn docs are like that. Cheers;)

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